The Scope – Lai Dai supply convoy ambushed

In the latest video report from the Scope we get news about an attack on the NPC convoy in high sec. The attacker remains unknown so we do not know where this part of EVE Online’s story will take us. As mentioned in this article over at the Mittani there some more mysteries to be uncovered.

Why was a convoy attacked in high sec without Concord or any other help? And did CCP really get the names of the route wrong or are these hinds for some bigger changes in the future. I can recall the BIG universe overall that CCP did with the Cold War expansion back in 2004. Will something similar happen again?

Latest Scope videos from CCP

Today I noticed that CCP released two new videos from their The Scope series giving everything that is happening in EVE Online a bit more background story.

The first video is about the new Entosis link and what you can do with it. Have fun with it and take out some station services when you go online later.

The second video is about the new Gallente destroyer called Hecate. A lot of people have been waiting for this beast of a ship. Sadly CCP did not make this a drone boat but it looks awesome. It’s overall style does not completly matches the Gallente ships in general but it’s a beauty non the less.

I hope you enjoyed them. Take care and fly safe.