The Scope – Operation Frostline continues

CCP released another part of The Scope series to cover Operation Frostline. It looks like it is another success for CCP.

Alton Haveri reports that attacks against the Serpentis continues. Sadly myself only managed to find 3 of the new Operation Frostline anomalies. So it looks like everyone else is very busy doing them. Enjoy the latest video.

Operation Frostline – First look

Operation Frostline was released 2 days ago and we are already at v1.2 so CCP is busy fixing stuff. During that they released yet another video from The Scope. Mordu’s Legion Commander Tsuni Aina starts Operation Frostline officially and the hunt for the Serpentis is open.
Check your Overview for the new beacons called “Operation Frostline Target”. I had the chance to check a handful of them and the loot seems to be very genetic at least for a start.

2015-12-10 11_44_58-EVE - Alison McCarty

But CCP did already announce that the loot will change over time. So don’t be worried about loot and continue killing every Serpentis pirate you can find. I hope that this events will continue because I find them quite nice. Especially when they are tied to some backstory.
Before I present you some more Screenshots from my adventures check out the latest video from The Scope.

Since everyone should be back now let’s get back to Operation Frostline. In the first room will wait some Serpentis frigates. They are no real threat to any real ship but if you are a newbie stay on alert. Every other player should be really fine. I did use my trusted Ishtar and they just alphaed them off the field. I have reports of destroyer also working very nicely against them. It looks to me that the goal of CCP is not to create some super enemy like the drifters and that they want as many people as they can to be able to participate in Operation Frostline. At least something that I can give them lots of credit for. Good work CCP.

And has a closing point for today’s post I present you some Screenshots that I took. Have fun during Operation Frostline and enjoy the changing loot. So make sure you keep up the pressure at the Serpentis.

First Room


Second Room





The Scope – Amarr no longer at war and Championships begin

I think I missed this one at the beginning of november. So better late than never.

Alton Haveri reports that the Imperial Navy is no longer “At War” and the Threat level has been downgraded to “High Alert”. Why this has happened is beyond me because the Imperial Navy didn’t have a single victory against the Blood Raider or the Drifters. But it is CCPs backstory so let’s see how this is going. Enjoy this video from The Scope.

The Scope – ORE confirms blueprint theft

Alton Haveri reports that a massive theft of ORE assets have taken place. Under the stolen BPOs where the new ice mining frigate called “Endurance” and the new frigate class ice mining laser. TMC does cover this a bit more indeep so I just link it.
ORE has also joined the Upwell Consortium. What is behind this move is beyond my knowledge but we will see.

The Endurance will be released later today in the latest release called Parallax. TMC covers this here and official CCP patch notes are here.

The Scope – Mordu’s Legion attack ORE stations

Lina Ambre reports massive Mordu’s Legion attacks on multiple ORE stations. It looks like they gained control of the stations without much resistance.
CCP keeps pushing the Backstory further with more videos. Mordu’s are getting stronger and stronger and the former established entities continue to lose their grip of the universe. But for now enjoy this new video.

The Scope – new Command Destroyer incoming

CCP released another part of The Scope series. Within CCP introduced the new Command Destroyer class. But they announced not only the Ship. With this new class they also bring in the new Micro Jump Field Generator module. It creates a 6km field and transport everything 100km with it. It also impacts bombs…. so some new combat tactics might emerge from this. But please take a look for yourself. You can find more details in this dev post from CCP Rise.

The Crimson Harvest

I am a little late to the party but better late than never. CCP is currently doing a special event. It runs from October the 20th to November the 2th. During this time frame some special Anomalies called Blood Raider Gauntlets spawn everywhere in New Eden.
Rewards go from SKINs to implants.
You can find details in this dev blog. And a video that I previously linked without realising it was part of an actual ingame event.

This event does also include a special Dust 514 event with other rewards. Details you can find in this TMC article.

I hope you have time to join this event. Hopefully CCP will do events like this more regularly. Have fun and fly safe.

Updates from the Scope

CCP released new videos for the backstory of EVE Online. They are about the Caldari and Amarr Empire. All of the recent videos seems to prepare the backstory for the big backstory change that CCP is planning. In the next couple of years CCP is planning to increase the Sandbox and give the players more power. Because of that the 4 big empires seems to lose control of high sec. But I might be wrong about that.

The first video is about a raid against a Caldari SuperCarrier.

And the second video is about the Amarr Empire which is already under a lot of pressure from the Drifter attacks. And now the Blood Raiders seems to put even more pressure on them. So let’s enjoy the latest video from The Scope.

Empress Jamyl I killed in drifter attack

CCP seems to be very busy pushing the drifter story forward. In an unexpected event a couple hours earlier around 18:07 NEST, a fleet of 400 drifter battleships attacked the TES Seraph ( an Amarr navy titan ) and destroyed the Titan in a single volley. The defense fleet was unable to react and the whole drifter fleet escaped shortly after that. CCP confirmed that the Empress Jamyl I was killed in the attack. There is also a The Scope video available.

I also rushed to the system after I read about it and I can at least present some pictures of the Titan wreck.


That is an interesting turn of events. Drifter attacks in high sec against the Amarr did occur in the past weeks but that they just volley a Titan and then disappear without trace is an interesting fact. What are CCPs plans with the drifters? Something like the Sansha incursions does not make much sense now since they are so much more powerful. Are they trying to build a back story for something like EVE 2.0? A giant overall of the galaxy? The drifter superstructures are still out there and drifter forces seems to be able to appear and disappear whenever they want. Even powerful capsuleers seems to be unable to do anything against the drifters. So are they the new superpower that the whole universe needs to find? But why are they focusing on the Amarr and why is Concord not doing anything?

What will the Minmatar do now? Early reports indicate that some small scale fights in the Throne Worlds are happening. But a large scale attack?

Why is CCP doing such a massive Event (or not massive since no heads up for capsuleers) without noticing anyone so player could actually be part of it? Events like this are nice and the story behind all this is nice too but why is everyone left in the dark about it?

Many many questions remain and with every day and every drifter attack more questions appear. EVE Online is getting interesting. Not only because of FozzieSov.