Carnyx incoming

On friday CCP released the patch notes and downtime information for incoming expansion called carnyx. Given that this is a bigger expansion and more important the first one with the new sovereignty mechanics the downtime will be extented until 12:45 UTC.
For more details please check the official information and full patch notes.

Since the new capture mechanics only apply to the station services this is nice to know and get your hands on the testing for people involved in null sec. The bigger news is that the overview is getting a huge change. I don’t understand why CCP is so quiet about it. The CSM advised them to be more vocal about it and to warn players. But CCP beeing CCP just hides this massive change in some foodnote.

But i am here to help you so here is a short preview about it. Please be advised that this is from Singularity ( CCP offical testserver) and there is no guaranty that this is the final version.

2015-06-01 13_30_02-EVE - Alison McCarty

Here is an older dev blog from february with a general strategy but the icons actually does not match.

We will see how the deployment goes since under the hood this is a rather big change. The new sov mechanics have the potencial to do a lot of good to EVE or incase CCP does not make it work to finally break EVE. But we will see how the next expansion goes when you can actually claim sov with the new mechanics. Until then enjoy the new overview.