Operation Frostline – First look

Operation Frostline was released 2 days ago and we are already at v1.2 so CCP is busy fixing stuff. During that they released yet another video from The Scope. Mordu’s Legion Commander Tsuni Aina starts Operation Frostline officially and the hunt for the Serpentis is open.
Check your Overview for the new beacons called “Operation Frostline Target”. I had the chance to check a handful of them and the loot seems to be very genetic at least for a start.

2015-12-10 11_44_58-EVE - Alison McCarty

But CCP did already announce that the loot will change over time. So don’t be worried about loot and continue killing every Serpentis pirate you can find. I hope that this events will continue because I find them quite nice. Especially when they are tied to some backstory.
Before I present you some more Screenshots from my adventures check out the latest video from The Scope.

Since everyone should be back now let’s get back to Operation Frostline. In the first room will wait some Serpentis frigates. They are no real threat to any real ship but if you are a newbie stay on alert. Every other player should be really fine. I did use my trusted Ishtar and they just alphaed them off the field. I have reports of destroyer also working very nicely against them. It looks to me that the goal of CCP is not to create some super enemy like the drifters and that they want as many people as they can to be able to participate in Operation Frostline. At least something that I can give them lots of credit for. Good work CCP.

And has a closing point for today’s post I present you some Screenshots that I took. Have fun during Operation Frostline and enjoy the changing loot. So make sure you keep up the pressure at the Serpentis.

First Room


Second Room





Operation Frostline is now live

CCP released their latest expansion that bring us Operation Frostline. You can find details about this new event which will run into Januar 2016 here.
The general feedback thread is here and the issue thread can be found here. The issue thread is already filled with bugs.

  • The new shiny T2 logi frigates are in the game but the skillbooks to fly them are not seeded
  • Docking and undocking seems to break the camera
  • BPO for the new Ice Mining Laser are not seeded

But maybe the biggest issues are still around the grid size change. You can find all the details about it in the new dev blog that was released today.
CCP did change some acceleration gates to be farther away to counter this. But apparently this change was not tested enough because in some systems you can now see POSes from the undock of stations etc…. I can understand that this is an important change and lay the foundation for the booster change later. But I get the feeling that this is another untested change and that no one at CCP has an idea about the whole impact of it. The grid size was so small for 12 years for reasons and the actual change is pretty huge.

You can find the whole patch notes here. But for now enjoy Operation Frostline and please give CCP feedback if you find any issues or have general feedback.

Parallax now live

Today CCP released their newest Update called Parallax. You can find the patch notes here and the feedback thread is here. There is also an issue thread with some minor bugs. Nothing major just some smaller bugs here and there. The new scanning interface seems to not work properly sometimes and with brain in a box CCP managed to break the skill queue window. Given what a major rewrite of one of the biggest core systems it is it looks ok. I had expect some major bugs or even extended DTs. But let’s wait how the next hours go. But for now it looks really good. I am looking forward for the first fleet fights and IF brain in a box really improves it.
You can find more information about brain in a box in the mass test thread here.

For now have fun and update your client so you are ready when something happens.

massive Capital changes incoming – dev blogs are out

CCP is moving fast to do a massive overhaul of capitals in EVE Online in the next couple of month. Most changes are planned for the Citadel Expansion in Spring 2016. But before I give you my view of them I would like to bring everything up to speed. And because there is already a lot of coverage I will just link you the stuff.


So now that everybody is up to speed and we are on the same page we can start. Since the Jump Fatigue introduction a couple of month back Capitals remain extremely broken. They used to be very strong and now they are almost completely abandoned. I am not really sure that this is gonna change with these massive changes. It is really hard to tell. CCP stated that the goal is to provide meaningful gameplay. My problem is that I can not see it. They are basicly nerfing them to completely uselessness. Carrier loss their ability to remote rep! That’s a giant massive nerf. This role will move to a new class of so called “Force Auxiliary Capitals”. BUT they can only rep while in triage and during triage the FAC’s can not receive reps themselves. So basicly you can alpha them off the field. I do not see that this is gonna work in large scale null sec fights. People will just bring even more DPS than currently.

You will be unable to refit while you have a weapon timer. This is another massive nerf of the complete class. What I do not like is that this change does not only impact PvP. Currently you can rat in your carrier and when someone tackles you, you can refit to tank or PvP and defend yourself. This is gonna go away. So it is even a massive PVE nerf. Capitals are a large investment in Skills, Time and ISK.
The weapon changes does not look to be that well though of too for me. The new anti sub capital weapons look nice and will kind of work against the weapon nerfs. But I don’t get why they have to be short range weapons. If you fight sub-caps they will just stay out of range. And to be honest we are talking about CAPITALS. They are hundreds of meters long ( big ) whatever you wanna call them. And to limit the range of defensive weapons sounds dumb to me.

New super weapons for titans. This actually looks absolutely AMAZING! This is a giant buff to Titans which were rarely used in the last couple years. Take a look at this video of some of the new effects.

But my biggest complain is still that their is no role change. They just nerf them to the ground. Player need a REASON to use them. Maybe because of their massive guns they are the only ships that can attack the new Citadel structures. Think about it as when you attack a tank ( I mean a current tank) with just a couple stones and arrows. You can shoot like thousand arrows at it but you will never be able to even put a dent into the armor. CCP needs to tackle other problems before they do something like this. They need to change sov to actually mean something. Like core worlds where you need to have sov level 5 and then you can control the space and even the gates. And the more jumps you get away from your core worlds the lower your sov level gets and the lesser control you get about your space. The attacker and roaming gangs still have too much impact. But I get a bit off topic.

Please give CCP lots of feedback so they get this right.

Aegis Sovereignty is live

Welcome to the new world. Today marks the day when the new FozzieSov went live. No major delays and big screw-ups for now.

The official issue thread can be found here. The official known issues look a bit weird. It looks like there a lot of minor issues that can be fixed quickly but you can get the impression that this was pushed out without any polishing or Q&A at all. Makes me wonder in what state was it a week ago on the planned release day.
Points like “minor typos in the new Sovereignty notifications” are not a big deal but if NO one had time to even fix the text I am very puzzled about CCPs Q&A and general deployment strategies. Fixing typos in the text does not need a game designer and of course the UI parts are not made from the same DEVs then the actual planning and designing and programming of the new mechanics. So really no one that can check and fix some typos at CCP?

“Territorial Claim Units and Infrastructure Hubs can sometimes overlap with personal deployables and ships” I should have made a bet about that. As CCP announced that they will randomly move TCUs and IHUBs around it was clear to everyone besides CCP that this will end in a nightmare. Hopefully it will fix itself in time and will not result in more issues. Broken Grids anyone?

It looks like that there a lot of bugs with the new map now that actually never worked. People report that they are stuck in Wormholes because of that. Workaround for now is using the old map. Whelp Wormhole people I guess.

But to be fair everything that come up by now is just minor stuff that can be fixed in the following days. The SOV transition and everything seems to be ok. The Activity Defense Multipier seems to be working. We can argue about if the maximum of 6x is enough to prevent trolling but CCP can change this easily.

I am not sure if the PvE changes work like they should. When I look at the system I normally rat it now looks like this.

  • 5x Forsaken Rallye Points (+3)
  • 4x Forsaken Hubs (same as before)
  • 7x Haven (+5)
  • 1x Sanctum (not sure about this one because it randomly spawned before)

I have no records for the other lower anomalies so let’s stick with the 3 most used ones. +3 for the lowest Rallye Points is ok. No change for the most used Forsaken Hub is dumb and can’t be right. On the other hand maybe CCP fears that the impact of ISK getting into the economy is to high. But +5 for the highest anomaly the Haven does not make any sense at all.
To be fair for me personally it’s ok because I like Havens. But I have 3x 150 Mil+ SP characters that have perfect skills for everything. I can run them all day. And I like the Maze that I get out of it and sell them. So it remains to be seen if this is working as designed and if CCP will change it in the coming weeks. At least for now we have a not more ratting space available.

Let’s see how the next hours go and how everything is unfolding in the next days and weeks. No matter what happens BIG change is here and we will see if it’s for the good or not.

Aegis Sovereignty Patch notes released

CCP released the Patch notes for the July 14th patch called Aegis Sovereignty. No more delays, we are ready for Tuesday.

After the PvE changes this will be good. Or it might work. I will give you the general overview about the changes because it’s not only about Sov but for details please check the official Patch notes.

  • Sov related Modules will get invulnerable to normal damage and can only be impacted by the new Entosis Link Module
  • Sov related Modules are NOT vulnerable 24/7. Alliances can set a 4 hour window per day were they are vulnerable
  • Pirate Detection Array, Entrapment Array and Quantum Flux Generator upgrades have been adjusted
  • SBUs are basically removed from the Game. NPC buy orders are setup and SBUs inspace will self-destruct
  • New T2 Cruiser and T2 Industrial SKINs

I am so much looking forward to it. No matter if it’s better or worse we will get it and have to deal with it. And CCP can tweak it to make it work later. Dominion Sov you could tweak the HP or the TCU or something but the mechanics were still there. With this new mechanics I believe that CCP can change single expects of the whole to make it better. Maybe the spawn rate or spawn distribution of the new command notes. One thing is sure. Change will come and EVE Online will get interesting again. I am looking forward to the new online numbers starting Tuesday.

Until then everyone have a nice Sunday.

Patch notes for Aegis are out

CCP released the Patch notes for their latest expansion called Aegis. This release is extremely important because even not next Tuesday but a week later (CCP might call it Aegis 1.1 but we will see) they will release the overall of null sec capture mechanics. This marks a huge turn point because in the last 12 years this only happened once before. As EVE Online was released the only way to claim sov in null sec was to spam towers on as many moons as you could find. With an expansion called Dominion (released on 01.12.2009) they changed that and they released TCUs (Territorial Claim Unit) and SBUs (Sovereignty Blockade Unit). Now with Aegis they will change the mechanics again to use a module fitted to ships called Entosis link.


But enough with the history lessons and back to the future. Highlights of the Aegis release are

  • Changes to the Ishtar and Tempest
  • Release of the new T3 Gallente Destroyer called Hecate
  • Several new Skins
  • Caldari Cerberus Hull Redesign

For all changes please take a look at the official patch notes.

CCP isn’t dead after all

After a week of complete darkness and close to NO response CCP finally got their act together. Interesting is that no more words from CCP Surge can be found. Hopefully someone at CCP stepped in and took care of the damage control. The biggest issue is not even that CCP released a half done feature that has a lot of bugs and even more issues. Sadly that happens all the time with CCP. How you handle it in the after it happens is more important. And CCP Surge did an exceptional poor job at handling it.
But help is here and CCP Claymore stepped in. Looks like that a dev blog is in the works and the CSM is kinda involved too. So hopefully we will at least get some information soonish. I doubt there will be a quick fix for all the issues but we will see.

Given that CCP released information about the next nightmare feature or better cut off feature interesting times are coming. FozzieSov is not so far away and CCP are releasing nerf after nerf and half-done feature after another. I hope that someone at CCP overlooks all of this and realizing that the path is maybe not perfect. And no EVE is not dying and hopefully after the summer and when the dust around FozzieSov settles everyone will be back and we are at a much better place.

So as a heads up CCP will nerf fleet warps to the ground. I don’t know what is going on at CCP but at times like this I really deserve my title as a bitter vet. When CCP started with their 5 weeks release cycle I burned out and took a break. I get the feeling that we get back to a point where some more riots are in order to remind CCP what happened in the past and why. Please take your time and give feedback to CCP. It’s already again another 75 pages threadnought with 1.481 responses. Additionally some media picks this up. The Mittani or better KColor released an awesome article including a lot of flaws and issues with CCPs plan. Given the amount of issues it would be interesting how any why CCP continue to come up with these half ideas and what in the world are they thinking to release them. Is CCP really so disconnected to the player base? Is there anyone at CCP who plays their own game and have even some idea about how the game works? I am not sure after the last 2 weeks.

Carnyx released

Almost a week ago CCP released their latest expansion called Carnyx. As promised it wasn’t the smoothest of all expansion. There has been already 3 patches because CCP introduced a couple of interesting bugs. They even managed to break TiDi but happily for the rest of EVE only in the newly introduced Wormhole systems. How CCP managed to break killmails remains a mystery but well CCP at its A game again. But what really caused the feedback thread to evolve into a 68 pages nightmare was the icon change.

Besides the usual don’t change something that is not broken there a lot of issues with the new icons that are really valid points in my eyes. I already complained about the fact that no information earlier was released. CCP just released a completely broken Icon pack and a big part of the community and CCPs paying costumers just have to deal to this madness. The dev blog released in February has completely other Icons then CCP released them. This is just extremely poor communication which always was and will be CCPs biggest issue. It also looks like that there is a bug with the UI scaling and CCP was aware of that and released the Icons anyway. The (non-existing) reasoning behind this is that the bug seems to be not directly with the icons but with the scaling. Anyway the old icons where fine and only the very small new ones caused the bug to appear. Given CCPs history of releasing half-done features and then never touch it again I don’t expect them to fix this anytime soon. Another point is that at high resolutions the icons are much much smaller than the old ones and are really hard to read. Color blind people are complaining that the new icons are harder to read and when CCP redo the icons why you cannot customize the color to be more readable or to be readable at all. I would even ask why we cannot change the size of the icons. But it’s just CCP releasing half-done features and their customers have to deal with it.

What brings this to a whole new level is how CCP handles this. Several devs are in full damage mode and at first starts to attack customers and stating basically that we are just to dumb and that our silly brain need more time. Examples are here and here. As you can see CCP Surge is doing an exceptional poor job in helping. What just hits the roof is that the link he provides to learn the new icons is broken. I tried to contact CCP ever several ways in the past week but no response at all and the link remain broken. I was unable to find a link or any kind of information what icons are in the game and what is showing what. There hints that CCP released 12 different container icons but I was unable to reproduce this.

Some fellow bloggers are also pick up the issues and are trying to help. Over at EVOGANDA you can find a PDF and some additional information that hopefully help some of you. A higher resolution PDF has been created by Rixx Javix so many thanks to him for helping out.

I really hope that CCP does not let this in the game longer and that fixes are on the way. Given CCP is in full damage control mode and does not respond at all I have little hope.


Fozziesov delayed

Today CCP released a new dev blog. CCP Fozzie released some updates to the deployment schedule. The minor news are that the new sovereignty capture mechanics will be pushed back by a week. This is just a minor delay and i am not sure what is behind this.
The other major news is that the custom schedule for the capture window will be pushed back indefinitely. On first glance this might sounds like a minor change but the question is now how will this work now? Todays mechanics are that drop some SBUs and when they are online you can attack the IHUB or TCU whatever is there. I am of course aware that this is a very simple description of a very complicated mechanic. The major question is now how will the entosis capture mechanics work when there is no window that you can set where intruders can attack your sov? Does that mean that they can always just come around and attack your sov? Will there be a random timer?


I think this is a major change and it plays a major role on how the new sov capture mechanics work. You can not push one part of the mechanic back without impacting the other parts. I think this is just another example of what is wrong within CCP. They just can not let there history of releasing have done futures go. The new industrial mechanics are another example. They just droped the industrial parts on us but the mining changes and promised changes to the Orca and Rorqual are still not out.  For me this is a major reason why null sec industry remain broken. But i am getting a bit of topic here.

We will have to see what happens next since today the basic mechanics go online at TQ and people can play around with it. We will see what other problems come up when it is actually used in hundreds of systems and hundreds of stations. Hopefully CCP keeps and eye on this and when more issues apprear will push back the hole sov mechanic change to a later date. As i said earlier this is an amazing opportunity to give EVE some big push. But when they get this wrong then it can break EVE too.
I for one will keep an close eye on what will happen.