BREAKING NEWS – massive drifter attack on amarr space

3 Hours ago, CCP released a new video. Apparently drifters are doing a massive attack on multiply amarr systems. Imperial defense forces were taken by surprise and have taken heavy losses.
You can find details about it in this new The Scope video.

Sadly I am unable to get online to take a look if the event is still going.

Parallax now live

Today CCP released their newest Update called Parallax. You can find the patch notes here and the feedback thread is here. There is also an issue thread with some minor bugs. Nothing major just some smaller bugs here and there. The new scanning interface seems to not work properly sometimes and with brain in a box CCP managed to break the skill queue window. Given what a major rewrite of one of the biggest core systems it is it looks ok. I had expect some major bugs or even extended DTs. But let’s wait how the next hours go. But for now it looks really good. I am looking forward for the first fleet fights and IF brain in a box really improves it.
You can find more information about brain in a box in the mass test thread here.

For now have fun and update your client so you are ready when something happens.

The Crimson Harvest

I am a little late to the party but better late than never. CCP is currently doing a special event. It runs from October the 20th to November the 2th. During this time frame some special Anomalies called Blood Raider Gauntlets spawn everywhere in New Eden.
Rewards go from SKINs to implants.
You can find details in this dev blog. And a video that I previously linked without realising it was part of an actual ingame event.

This event does also include a special Dust 514 event with other rewards. Details you can find in this TMC article.

I hope you have time to join this event. Hopefully CCP will do events like this more regularly. Have fun and fly safe.

massive Capital changes incoming – dev blogs are out

CCP is moving fast to do a massive overhaul of capitals in EVE Online in the next couple of month. Most changes are planned for the Citadel Expansion in Spring 2016. But before I give you my view of them I would like to bring everything up to speed. And because there is already a lot of coverage I will just link you the stuff.


So now that everybody is up to speed and we are on the same page we can start. Since the Jump Fatigue introduction a couple of month back Capitals remain extremely broken. They used to be very strong and now they are almost completely abandoned. I am not really sure that this is gonna change with these massive changes. It is really hard to tell. CCP stated that the goal is to provide meaningful gameplay. My problem is that I can not see it. They are basicly nerfing them to completely uselessness. Carrier loss their ability to remote rep! That’s a giant massive nerf. This role will move to a new class of so called “Force Auxiliary Capitals”. BUT they can only rep while in triage and during triage the FAC’s can not receive reps themselves. So basicly you can alpha them off the field. I do not see that this is gonna work in large scale null sec fights. People will just bring even more DPS than currently.

You will be unable to refit while you have a weapon timer. This is another massive nerf of the complete class. What I do not like is that this change does not only impact PvP. Currently you can rat in your carrier and when someone tackles you, you can refit to tank or PvP and defend yourself. This is gonna go away. So it is even a massive PVE nerf. Capitals are a large investment in Skills, Time and ISK.
The weapon changes does not look to be that well though of too for me. The new anti sub capital weapons look nice and will kind of work against the weapon nerfs. But I don’t get why they have to be short range weapons. If you fight sub-caps they will just stay out of range. And to be honest we are talking about CAPITALS. They are hundreds of meters long ( big ) whatever you wanna call them. And to limit the range of defensive weapons sounds dumb to me.

New super weapons for titans. This actually looks absolutely AMAZING! This is a giant buff to Titans which were rarely used in the last couple years. Take a look at this video of some of the new effects.

But my biggest complain is still that their is no role change. They just nerf them to the ground. Player need a REASON to use them. Maybe because of their massive guns they are the only ships that can attack the new Citadel structures. Think about it as when you attack a tank ( I mean a current tank) with just a couple stones and arrows. You can shoot like thousand arrows at it but you will never be able to even put a dent into the armor. CCP needs to tackle other problems before they do something like this. They need to change sov to actually mean something. Like core worlds where you need to have sov level 5 and then you can control the space and even the gates. And the more jumps you get away from your core worlds the lower your sov level gets and the lesser control you get about your space. The attacker and roaming gangs still have too much impact. But I get a bit off topic.

Please give CCP lots of feedback so they get this right.

Updates from the Scope

CCP released new videos for the backstory of EVE Online. They are about the Caldari and Amarr Empire. All of the recent videos seems to prepare the backstory for the big backstory change that CCP is planning. In the next couple of years CCP is planning to increase the Sandbox and give the players more power. Because of that the 4 big empires seems to lose control of high sec. But I might be wrong about that.

The first video is about a raid against a Caldari SuperCarrier.

And the second video is about the Amarr Empire which is already under a lot of pressure from the Drifter attacks. And now the Blood Raiders seems to put even more pressure on them. So let’s enjoy the latest video from The Scope.

Back in business

Hello everybody,
I am very sorry for dropping from the face of the earth like that but some RL emergencies forced me. Our daughter decided that she couldn’t wait any longer and was born on August 28th. Sadly she wasn’t well so we spend the next 3 weeks on the neonatal ICU.
But we are home now and everyone is feeling better. It is amazing how your life can change in matter of seconds. As you guys might know I play EVE for 12 years but the second this little angel was in my arms the priorities change.

And because of that “my gaming week” will stay on hiatus. I have been on some fleets and some high sec stuff has been done but it will take us more time to settle into a routine.

Since I have a lot of stuff to catch up you guys can expect a lot of EVE related stuff in the near future. Some of us might be old news for you but we will see. Until then take care and fly safe.

Citadels and you

CCP released a lot of information about POSes 2.0 aka Citadels in the last couple of days. We now have tons of information but more information are needed before we really get the picture.

Please check out the two dev blogs and the CSM FAQ Sheet.

I will grab the highlights and pick them up. I see A LOT of issues with CCPs plans but since we are in a HUGE transition period it might be all good in a year or two but if they release it now like that this is gonna end bad.

  • SuperCarriers and Titans can dock in the XL Citadels

Thats amazing and CCP should have done this like years ago. Especially since capitals have no real use now they need to do something here.
The loss mechanics are completely horrible and will make people mad. I really can not see how anyone wanna use Citadels with these mechanics. 10% asset recovery fee are a lot. I really do not see how this is gonna work. If I take a look at how many billions I collected over the years. All the ships and all the loot. I will never store all of that in a Citadel and pay 10% recovery fee.
And the bigger issue is that your stuff gets moved to some semi random station. I find the information in the dev blog very confusing. CCP says “closest low-security NPC station”. I really can not see how more unclear you can make this. Do they mean “low-sec” station? That would be completely dumb. Think about deep null sec stations like branch which is like 30 jumps from low-sec away. And with some mystical mechanics they just transfer your stuff at the other end of the galaxy. Or does “low-security” mean another close by null sec station? Another Citadel seems not possible since they talk about stations. So they put Citadels in but do not trust them themselves and deliver the items to undestructable station. Does that not say enough about how much faith they have in their own system?
And now we get to the best part. They will implement time sinks. 5 days minimum and up to 20 days for the longest route. So you can not access or recover your stuff for up to 20 days!!! CCP must have completely lost their minds. First this jump fatigue BS where you can not use Jump Services for up to 30 days and now this. Do they really expect us to pay for a game and then have to wait 20 days to access our items and another 20 days before we can jump? What has this to do with a Sandbox?
And to make these mechanics even better CCP Nullarbor added more fuel to the fire. “eject the personal assets to safety, kick out the docked pilots”. So if you are docked in a Citadel and maybe unsubbed for some time or just offline, some guy just unanchors it and all your assets get moved to some random place and you have to pay 10% of the value to get it back. And the best part is you get kicked out of the station and are just in space. So free killmails for everyone. This basically means that you are never safe outside of high sec. And even there you are only safe in an NPC station.

I see so many issues with this that I see now way how this will work. The risk vs. reward is so off in null sec lately that I need to look really hard to find a reason not to go back to high sec. CCP could 10x the rewards for null sec and I do not find that enough to counter the risk. What is CCPs plan here?

Please take a look at all the information and then decide for yourself if you like CCPs plans or not. Whatever you think please give lots of feedback to CCP. Not that they will listen but this is the only chance we have. Some very unhappy people are already shooting the Jita memorial so I really hope CCP will get their shit together soon. I really do not want this overhaul to be CCPs NGE (NGE was an expansion by SOE that basically killed Star Wars Galaxies. One of the greatest MMOs ever created. Well before the NGE at least).

Empress Jamyl I killed in drifter attack

CCP seems to be very busy pushing the drifter story forward. In an unexpected event a couple hours earlier around 18:07 NEST, a fleet of 400 drifter battleships attacked the TES Seraph ( an Amarr navy titan ) and destroyed the Titan in a single volley. The defense fleet was unable to react and the whole drifter fleet escaped shortly after that. CCP confirmed that the Empress Jamyl I was killed in the attack. There is also a The Scope video available.

I also rushed to the system after I read about it and I can at least present some pictures of the Titan wreck.


That is an interesting turn of events. Drifter attacks in high sec against the Amarr did occur in the past weeks but that they just volley a Titan and then disappear without trace is an interesting fact. What are CCPs plans with the drifters? Something like the Sansha incursions does not make much sense now since they are so much more powerful. Are they trying to build a back story for something like EVE 2.0? A giant overall of the galaxy? The drifter superstructures are still out there and drifter forces seems to be able to appear and disappear whenever they want. Even powerful capsuleers seems to be unable to do anything against the drifters. So are they the new superpower that the whole universe needs to find? But why are they focusing on the Amarr and why is Concord not doing anything?

What will the Minmatar do now? Early reports indicate that some small scale fights in the Throne Worlds are happening. But a large scale attack?

Why is CCP doing such a massive Event (or not massive since no heads up for capsuleers) without noticing anyone so player could actually be part of it? Events like this are nice and the story behind all this is nice too but why is everyone left in the dark about it?

Many many questions remain and with every day and every drifter attack more questions appear. EVE Online is getting interesting. Not only because of FozzieSov.

My Gaming Week

Welcome to this weeks very late edition of my gaming week. My wife and I were on a little holiday trip and I did not manage to get it out on time. Sorry for that. This also means that it is a short edition and next weeks edition will also be a bit shorter then usual. But let’s jump into it.

Star Trek Online sees the usual grind and I am still at Tier IV. But Perfect World did a new Event and I am using it to farm some marks. So I am making slow progress into the latest Rep Project. When the new Season will get out I hope that I will be done with it. Perfect World did release a new version of the Crystalline Entity. So welcome to Crystalline Cataclysm.


On the World of Warships front I am also making slow progress. Still stuck at the Tier V Omaha but that’s ok. It is still early and I am trying not to burn out on the low tiers like I did in World of Tanks. So no real action but some EXP farming.


In EVE Online we are still busy with our strategic ratting and mining fleets. Between them we do some Entosis stuff. The new Aegis Sov remains utterly broken and the player base is getting restless and more and more hostile against CCP with every day that the new mechanics remain in place. The Mittani covered most of the drama so I am not gonna repeat everything. Just my 2 cents about it. I am deeply unhappy with the current system. It is not even the mechanics. It was released far to soon and utterly broken. CCP should have pushed it back a couple weeks or even month. So many people told them that the system has too many issues but CCP did not listen. Or even worse they did listen but did not care. And given that in the past 5 weeks they did nothing I can understand the players. CCPs community relations were always broken. But the latest drama should give CCP a clear idea that the people are deeply unhappy with it. Since this edition is very late I can cover parts of this week too. And with the new release that is called Galatea CCP will put even more gas on the fire. But let’s see in what state Galatea is actually released next week. Details about it in CCP Fozzie’s original post.




So that was my short week. As mentioned before next week’s edition will also be a bit shorter. Until then enjoy and take care.