Happy new year

As the titles say. Happy new Year to everyone out there. Thanks for visiting my little blog and I hope you enjoyed your time here.
Last year didn’t exactly go how it was planed but life is like that. I wish everyone all the best for the coming year and fly safe. Take care of yourself and your little Space Empire.

I hope that my activity will go up this year and will only continue to grow.

So fly safe and take care of yourself. CU in space.

Call for backup to the blogging community

Readers of this blog might have noticed that I am not getting a lot done in the last couple month. This has partly to do with the birth of my wonderful little daughter. The other part that I didn’t talk about yet, because it is very personal and generally I feel that it is my part to take care of it, is that my daughter was born sick. She was born with the Prader-Willi Syndrome which is a very rare genetic disorder. We spend the first 3 weeks in the NICU so my mood and time was not really for EVE Online or blogging.
You might ask why in the world would I put this out on the internet? That is a very good question. Generally the internet is not the place for such personally matters. But our experience is that no one knows this disorder. There is only one hospital in whole Germany that has a specialized unit to take care of the people that has it. And even on this unit there is a single doctor who specialized on Prader-Willi-Syndrome (PWS). Since I am looking into it more and more in the last couple week I keep hearing horrible stories of people taking years to get the diagnosis and all the help that they need. So even if one person reads about this and maybe in the future get the diagnose faster it is more than worth it.
On the other side I am getting to a point where I could need some help. I burned through most of my holidays during our time in the hospital. Bills are piling up and I have reduced my working hour to take care of my daughter as much as I can. And that brings me to the hardest part that I have done so far. Asking for help and especially to total strangers is not something that I take lightly. And because of all that I have created a gofundme page for my little angel.

GoFundMe page for Mira

So here I am and asking for your support. Not only for your money but also for every support that you can give. A twitter tweet or a Facebook share is greatly appreciated. Whatever you can do.
This is really hard for me because I feel that I should be able to take care of my family. And I am trying as best as I can. I could work more to take care of all the bills. But this is not the goal. When I could I would stop working immediately to take care of my daughter 24/7. It is hard enough to not be able to help your child. There is no cure so we can only make her life easier. And that is what I am trying to focus on. So if you could help us out I can not find enough words to express my gratitude.

Back in business

Hello everybody,
I am very sorry for dropping from the face of the earth like that but some RL emergencies forced me. Our daughter decided that she couldn’t wait any longer and was born on August 28th. Sadly she wasn’t well so we spend the next 3 weeks on the neonatal ICU.
But we are home now and everyone is feeling better. It is amazing how your life can change in matter of seconds. As you guys might know I play EVE for 12 years but the second this little angel was in my arms the priorities change.

And because of that “my gaming week” will stay on hiatus. I have been on some fleets and some high sec stuff has been done but it will take us more time to settle into a routine.

Since I have a lot of stuff to catch up you guys can expect a lot of EVE related stuff in the near future. Some of us might be old news for you but we will see. Until then take care and fly safe.

My Gaming Week

Welcome to this weeks very late edition of my gaming week. My wife and I were on a little holiday trip and I did not manage to get it out on time. Sorry for that. This also means that it is a short edition and next weeks edition will also be a bit shorter then usual. But let’s jump into it.

Star Trek Online sees the usual grind and I am still at Tier IV. But Perfect World did a new Event and I am using it to farm some marks. So I am making slow progress into the latest Rep Project. When the new Season will get out I hope that I will be done with it. Perfect World did release a new version of the Crystalline Entity. So welcome to Crystalline Cataclysm.


On the World of Warships front I am also making slow progress. Still stuck at the Tier V Omaha but that’s ok. It is still early and I am trying not to burn out on the low tiers like I did in World of Tanks. So no real action but some EXP farming.


In EVE Online we are still busy with our strategic ratting and mining fleets. Between them we do some Entosis stuff. The new Aegis Sov remains utterly broken and the player base is getting restless and more and more hostile against CCP with every day that the new mechanics remain in place. The Mittani covered most of the drama so I am not gonna repeat everything. Just my 2 cents about it. I am deeply unhappy with the current system. It is not even the mechanics. It was released far to soon and utterly broken. CCP should have pushed it back a couple weeks or even month. So many people told them that the system has too many issues but CCP did not listen. Or even worse they did listen but did not care. And given that in the past 5 weeks they did nothing I can understand the players. CCPs community relations were always broken. But the latest drama should give CCP a clear idea that the people are deeply unhappy with it. Since this edition is very late I can cover parts of this week too. And with the new release that is called Galatea CCP will put even more gas on the fire. But let’s see in what state Galatea is actually released next week. Details about it in CCP Fozzie’s original post.




So that was my short week. As mentioned before next week’s edition will also be a bit shorter. Until then enjoy and take care.

My Gaming Week

Last week was all about GamesCom. So I actually saw some action. I am sorry that this weeks edition is so late but I was away for the whole weekend so I could not prep it. I hope you will still enjoy it.

Because of the GamesCom, Wargaming did run an 3x EXP Event. And I used it to boost my way a bit. I finally upgraded the Omaha to the latest version with all Upgrades. I am still far far away from the Cleveland but I am making progress. It is a good feeling to see the EXP rising.
But I didn’t make stellar progress since I actually try to play strategic and win. If that means to stay back with the Carrier and give AA cover then I do not get much EXP for it. I have seen people get 15k EXP per battle during the Event but I am happy with my 4k.

2015-08-06 22_55_46-World of Warships

2015-08-07 12_06_30-World of Warships

So it was a good week for me on World of Warships.

Another big time sink was Star Trek Online again. The grind is still on but I am making progress. They also did a Shuttle Event Weekend. They only announced “increased” rewards for it. I was very surprised to see that I get between 90 – 160 Marks per Battle. So it was great for me because I still need tons of marks. I made around 2.500 so at least the ground set is covered and some space items should also be possible. It was a fun event and I hope they will do it again. The STF are still all shit and no fun at all but the marks has to come from somewhere.


And of course there is still EVE Online. Which is still on fire and the timerboard is full of timers. Our strategic ratting and mining fleets are still happening and I try to go to as many as I can. But since we are counter Entosis during this fleets they can actually take very long. I still hope that CCP will do some balancing soon but it looks like they will take their time. So enjoy some nice juicy screenshots from the Fleets.


So as you all can see I was busy. Camping, Ratting and some Entosis babysitting between. My wallet is not moving since I am not doing ratting on my own. I hope this will change soonish because I like my war chest growing but you can only do so much. RL will not slow down in the next half year so I need to prioritize.

I hope everyone had a nice week and maybe even a nice stay at GamesCom 2015. Stay safe and enjoy your time. Until next week guys.

My Gaming Week

Last week was a nice one. I was not feeling to well but at least that left me with lots of time for gaming.

In Star Trek Online I made it to Tier IV after all. So in 16 more days I will finish this latest Reputation grind. Sadly after that the Mark grind continues because with my 800 Marks I can not even get the basic set. And rumors are that the Space Set is very good so of course I need this one then.

2015-08-03 10_59_10-Star Trek Online

World of Warships continues to be an equal grind of even less fun. Well that’s not right. I hit a bad losing streak lately but since I focus on the American Carrier the Omaha it is getting fun. I like the protecting part. And when the End of the Game approaches I even managed to get a few shots at a Carrier.




But the most fun I had in a new discovery of mine. Rocket League. The learning curve is crushing like in EVE Online but when you catch a ball or even score it is very rewarding.

2015-08-03 11_33_17-Rocket League Evening Stream - YouTube

2015-08-03 11_44_26-TAGame (32-bit, DX9)

2015-08-03 11_45_39-TAGame (32-bit, DX9)

I am still playing around with the Replay Interface. It is not the most intuitive one but I will get the hang out of it soonish.

In Heroes of the Storm my stats are dropping like a rock. I had two wins in a row but then hit a wall. And after 4 losses where we were completely dunked and annihilated I did some AI games just to get out of it. I really don’t get why all of a sudden if you do PvP people completely loss their Teamplay. Especially Vala players are really bad at it. But maybe the new heroes that get’s unlocked tomorrow will bring some new wind.

And the best part at last. In EVE Online I am still very busy and from my previous and upcoming posts you can guess that the Galaxy is still on fire and I am busy putting out fire. And on quiet days I am still busy filling up my war chest. I am not sure why the online numbers are still dropping but at least I have still lots of fun with EVE Online.


My Gaming Week

From the lack of my blogging all week you can guess that this one will be a short one. But maybe on some day life will slow down again.

Until then I am making slow progress in Star Trek Online. Those reputation projects are a real grind but I made it to level 4 now. And for some real progress I spend some time doing the Featured Episode Broken Circle a couple of times. The new Antichroniton Infused Tetryon Full Auto Rifle looks to be pretty good so I grind it for my Boffs.


They put a lot of effort into this Episodes and it’s kinda fun. You first start with a space part but thats nothing special. Just grind down some ships and then beam down. I will not spoil the story because after all the years there is actually a lot of backstory available. So have fun playing it for yourself.


On the World of Warships front I got into even more trouble. I managed to make my way to the Tier IV Phoenix Cruiser, Tier V Minekaze Destroyer and to make this an even bigger time sink the Tier IV Hosho Carrier.


I really do not like the Japanese Carriers. I had so much fun with the US ones so I am on the edge to switch. The squads are so bad and I keep losing almost all air fights. The matchmaking does not help because it places me in battles with multiply Carrier so the air cover actually does matter. I now know why I had so much fun with the US side. In virtually every battle I got clear sky for killing 50+ planes. Now I am on the other sides and stay without planes mid game often enough. The Cruisers are some fun but they really getting good at Tier VI which I am far far way from. So its a slow painful grind without much fun. Shouldn’t games be fun to play? If not they feel more like work. But I did manage to activate the very well hidden replay function so if I stick with World of Warships you can expect more and better screenshots in the future.



Lucky for me on the EVE Online side I have been back in the saddle full swing. EVE Online is on fire and fleets been out all week and all day. It’s been a lot of fun and as soon as things slow done you can expect a lot of fun posts. Well if they are fun is yours to decide but I am having tons of fun again. And my wallet is looking great again too. But until then I will leave you with this little hint.


It’s called strategic ratting fleet and I never ever had so much fun during ratting then with this bunch of guys.

My Gaming Week

Welcome to another edition of my gaming week. Last week was another quiet week and it looks like everyone is just kind of waiting for Aegis Sovereignty to hit tomorrow. I did login to EVE Online and change my Ishtar fittings since CCP changed the slot layout with Aegis 1.0.
Nothing major but I finally got to add a cyno to all my ratting fits. So if some baddies wanna mess with me now it’s hot drop o’clock from my side too.

Nothing major to report on the World of Warship front. I slowly make my way up the Tiers. I think I should stop trying to level up all the classes and focus on one or two. I had one nice game with my Destroyer.

2015-07-08 15_20_53-World of Warships

On Star Trek Online it was similar to WoWS. Grinded some marks and make my way up the latest Reputation Project. I am sitting at Tier 2 now. With the Kobali Prime public quests it’s not that bad but still a grind to try to do it 4 times the day for a month or two.


With Heroes of the Storm I made one major breakthrough. I managed to farm 10k Gold so I could buy Brightwing. It’s an amazing Hero and I like the play style. I get yelled at a lot from some random dummies who know nothing about teamwork but that’s the price you pay for playing this mainstream MoBA. I have one match to present you that had some unbelievable teamplay in it and we just wiped the floor with the other team. To be fair I was on the other side more often and to be completely honest it’s not fun at the moment to play. Just to many randoms who have no idea about teamplay and we lose the game because of it.

2015-07-08 16_05_16-Heroes of the Storm

But because my free time for long play sessions get less and less everyday and because I didn’t look into it for some years I started a Minecraft World again. I stopped playing when they added hunger because it was too much survival and not enough crafting anymore. But with all the patches and changes it looks like fun again. I just started yesterday so I play Vanilla for now. I had luck with the first world so I stick with it. There was a NPC village near by and some nice caves and hills to hide. My first little cave give me some protection for the first days and the NPC village nearby helps with food and shelter when things go sideways at night. I hope that this will fit my new timetable better and I am looking forward to some nice crafting. I still search for a Sandbox MMO with extensive crafting like Minecraft. Maybe some upcoming games will give me that. I will keep an eye on Albion Online and Tree of Life but for now I stick to Minecraft.


Some fences for some very basic protection and it looks nicer.

You can see the NPC village on the horizon. Nice place to start and on the way to the NPC village are two caves that I need to explore.

But for now I am looking forward to Aegis Sovereignty and I hope CCP will hit it this time. Maybe not with this release but they can tweak it here and there. I already heard some rumors about a new version of the trollceptor and we will see tomorrow how bad it will get. Until then you can check out some nice article at TMC which covers an area which I share. Why bother with null sec anymore since the actual Sov holder has NO benefit from the Sov? FozzieSov may change some mechanics but CCP still has a lot of work to do until null sec is not broken anymore.

My Gaming Week

This is an experiment and I will try how it works and if it works i might do it more regularly. RL has been busy so not much online time. But I managed so do some short sessions so I only played my usual F2P Games. Well not really F2P since I have a LifeTime Subscription for Star Trek Online since the release a couple Years back. So maybe B2P?
Anyway I had a little break after the release of Delta Rising because in general it was a nice expansion. But there were so much missing stuff and you could see that it was rushed out the door. You had not enough Episodes to level to 60 and you were expected to grind. Now with the next Season (Expansion whatever) we have the Iconian War and finally their is more content. Also the Lohlunat Summer Festival is live again. This is always my favorite time of the year. The Powerboard and the Floater are just cool. And they added Public Missions at Kobali Prime. This is something that they have to do a lot more in my eyes. Just go somewhere and a mission pops up and you can do it with whoever is around. And since they made the STFs so less fun and just stupidly hard no one does them anymore. Don’t get me wrong there is still too much grind in the game and it will never be my primary game again like it has be.


But for some odd reason it just fits my play style lately. You can jump in and do some Public Missions that take only a couple mission. Or you can do a quick Powerboard race that take around 3 minutes.


In weeks like the last one has be I just need some quick fix to have the feeling I did something. When things slow down I will have time for longer play sessions and do more in EVE. But this is something that EVE Online seriously lack. But I will leave you with another Star Trek Online screenshot and then move on to me new favorite Game for some quick play sessions.


And that is World of Warships. It’s now in open beta and since basically every Wargaming Game is now in open beta you can consider it released. Wargaming will not do any more wipes so everything that you unlock now will stay with you. And good Lord is this game stupidly fun. I had my fair share of World of Tanks in the past but it was always to much fast pace for me. It’s more like a FPS then a strategic tank game. But World of Warships is everything I was hoping for.

2015-07-03 00_24_12-World of Warships

The Carriers are more an RTS game. The destroyers are amazing fun if you can sneak up on a Battleship or Carrier an unleash hell with your Torpedos.

2015-07-03 21_31_19-World of Warships

Cruiser are great to cover the others and are ok to play in general. What I also very much enjoy is that Epic wins and Epic failures are just one match  apart. In one match I managed with 2% health to turn the battle and kill the remaining two enemies. It was very close and the enemy just needed to look at me and I would be dead. It was awesome when I manage to turn this because I had a bad feeling about this match from the beginning. One match later I was on my Battleship and all of a sudden a lot of Torpedos got out of nowhere and I got sunk without firing a single shoot. Whoops.

So this was my gaming week. I hope you guys had fun and take care until next time.

The Scope videos

A couple of month ago CCP started to create some videos to give EVE Online some more backstory. Or to publish the existing backstory to a bigger autience. In this blog post i will include everyone of them since they are really great and everyone should take a couple of minutes to watch them. Even when you are not intrested in null sec or whatever they are about.

But now let’s start with the first one about Carolin’s Star

I hope you enjoyed them and thanks to CCP for creating them. No matter if you are intrested in the big story behind EVE Online it is always nice to see that CCP is trying to give the big sandbox that is EVE Online some more depth.