Batman: Arkham Knight PC recall

This should mainly be a EVE Online blog but i really need to cover this. And since it’s also my blog i need to cover this.

2 days ago on June 23th the new Batman game was released. I watched a couple streamers play it and it looked really awesome. Sadly the PC Version of it was not developed by Rocksteady Games. They thought it would be a great idea to let the PC Version developed by a totally inexperienced studio that made bad press with Batman: Origins. I don’t see a point in covering all the issues. But after some official statements that were pretty bad written by Warner Bros. Games the community completely went up in arms. After the media got wind on this and covered all the issues things quickly went sideways for Warner Bros.. In a unexpected turn of events Warner Bros. Games today published a full complete recall of the PC Version of Batman: Arkham Knight.

2015-06-25 13_03_48-BATMAN_ ARKHAM KNIGHT

Buyers are asked to request a refund over steam or GMG or wherever you got it. I can not recall an event like this. I have seen a lot of the issues first hand when the streamers tried to get it to work. I also read the review and buyers warning and tech analysis.

To me it looks like that in general Batman: Arkham Knight is a very solid and good game. The Console Versions are good and do even have more features then the PC Version. For some unclear and unbelievable reason the PS4 Version even have Ambient Occlusion and Rain Effects on Batmans body. That features are missing on the PC. The Game also suffers from the driving mechanics which look bad and are even more bad to actually use. Besides that from a pure Gameplay perspective the Game looks to be very good. But with all these technical issues and an actual recall which does not happen every day we will see how things evolve in the next weeks and month. Until then I can only give Warner Bros. Games credit for actually reacting to reviews and issues. You can read between the lines how MASSIVE these issues really must be before a recall like this happens. You can and in my eyes have to criticize them for giving the PC Version to such an inexperience studio with a bad track record. Just going with the cheapest solution is not always a good idea.