massive Capital changes incoming – dev blogs are out

CCP is moving fast to do a massive overhaul of capitals in EVE Online in the next couple of month. Most changes are planned for the Citadel Expansion in Spring 2016. But before I give you my view of them I would like to bring everything up to speed. And because there is already a lot of coverage I will just link you the stuff.


So now that everybody is up to speed and we are on the same page we can start. Since the Jump Fatigue introduction a couple of month back Capitals remain extremely broken. They used to be very strong and now they are almost completely abandoned. I am not really sure that this is gonna change with these massive changes. It is really hard to tell. CCP stated that the goal is to provide meaningful gameplay. My problem is that I can not see it. They are basicly nerfing them to completely uselessness. Carrier loss their ability to remote rep! That’s a giant massive nerf. This role will move to a new class of so called “Force Auxiliary Capitals”. BUT they can only rep while in triage and during triage the FAC’s can not receive reps themselves. So basicly you can alpha them off the field. I do not see that this is gonna work in large scale null sec fights. People will just bring even more DPS than currently.

You will be unable to refit while you have a weapon timer. This is another massive nerf of the complete class. What I do not like is that this change does not only impact PvP. Currently you can rat in your carrier and when someone tackles you, you can refit to tank or PvP and defend yourself. This is gonna go away. So it is even a massive PVE nerf. Capitals are a large investment in Skills, Time and ISK.
The weapon changes does not look to be that well though of too for me. The new anti sub capital weapons look nice and will kind of work against the weapon nerfs. But I don’t get why they have to be short range weapons. If you fight sub-caps they will just stay out of range. And to be honest we are talking about CAPITALS. They are hundreds of meters long ( big ) whatever you wanna call them. And to limit the range of defensive weapons sounds dumb to me.

New super weapons for titans. This actually looks absolutely AMAZING! This is a giant buff to Titans which were rarely used in the last couple years. Take a look at this video of some of the new effects.

But my biggest complain is still that their is no role change. They just nerf them to the ground. Player need a REASON to use them. Maybe because of their massive guns they are the only ships that can attack the new Citadel structures. Think about it as when you attack a tank ( I mean a current tank) with just a couple stones and arrows. You can shoot like thousand arrows at it but you will never be able to even put a dent into the armor. CCP needs to tackle other problems before they do something like this. They need to change sov to actually mean something. Like core worlds where you need to have sov level 5 and then you can control the space and even the gates. And the more jumps you get away from your core worlds the lower your sov level gets and the lesser control you get about your space. The attacker and roaming gangs still have too much impact. But I get a bit off topic.

Please give CCP lots of feedback so they get this right.

One thought on “massive Capital changes incoming – dev blogs are out

  1. Carrier losses their ability to be a all in one lucky packet!
    Brilliant. Best idea ever.

    The carrier has become this go to ship for Capital pilots. It can rat, PVP and Logistics all in 1 Ship. You can even change the ship into the different roles on the fly. This needed to be nerfed.

    It will be more like the Sub cap ships and Dreads. You can’t take a BS and Dread, refit during fighting and you can’t change a BS and Dread to be a logi. You can’t do PVP and PVE in the same ship. You need to change your fit and so need to be more selective before you go out in it.

    That is all they have done. There is no Nerf in my honest opinion. They have simply said that the 1 stop ship for all things is a bit stupid and we want people to select what they doing before undocking. You do this with all ships other than a carrier. Why would or should the carrier be any different.

    I think the changes are actually exciting to see. I know many will not like it but that is because people in EVE Online hate change. It means people have to think before undocking and also it makes you more likely to a loss.

    I think this makes fight escalations more exciting as you will have to ether try and break through the reps of the Auxiliary Carriers or go straight for them and try and get them off the field and hope your fleet have enough DPS left to kill the remaining ships.

    Interesting times ahead.


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