Back in business

Hello everybody,
I am very sorry for dropping from the face of the earth like that but some RL emergencies forced me. Our daughter decided that she couldn’t wait any longer and was born on August 28th. Sadly she wasn’t well so we spend the next 3 weeks on the neonatal ICU.
But we are home now and everyone is feeling better. It is amazing how your life can change in matter of seconds. As you guys might know I play EVE for 12 years but the second this little angel was in my arms the priorities change.

And because of that “my gaming week” will stay on hiatus. I have been on some fleets and some high sec stuff has been done but it will take us more time to settle into a routine.

Since I have a lot of stuff to catch up you guys can expect a lot of EVE related stuff in the near future. Some of us might be old news for you but we will see. Until then take care and fly safe.

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