Citadels and you

CCP released a lot of information about POSes 2.0 aka Citadels in the last couple of days. We now have tons of information but more information are needed before we really get the picture.

Please check out the two dev blogs and the CSM FAQ Sheet.

I will grab the highlights and pick them up. I see A LOT of issues with CCPs plans but since we are in a HUGE transition period it might be all good in a year or two but if they release it now like that this is gonna end bad.

  • SuperCarriers and Titans can dock in the XL Citadels

Thats amazing and CCP should have done this like years ago. Especially since capitals have no real use now they need to do something here.
The loss mechanics are completely horrible and will make people mad. I really can not see how anyone wanna use Citadels with these mechanics. 10% asset recovery fee are a lot. I really do not see how this is gonna work. If I take a look at how many billions I collected over the years. All the ships and all the loot. I will never store all of that in a Citadel and pay 10% recovery fee.
And the bigger issue is that your stuff gets moved to some semi random station. I find the information in the dev blog very confusing. CCP says “closest low-security NPC station”. I really can not see how more unclear you can make this. Do they mean “low-sec” station? That would be completely dumb. Think about deep null sec stations like branch which is like 30 jumps from low-sec away. And with some mystical mechanics they just transfer your stuff at the other end of the galaxy. Or does “low-security” mean another close by null sec station? Another Citadel seems not possible since they talk about stations. So they put Citadels in but do not trust them themselves and deliver the items to undestructable station. Does that not say enough about how much faith they have in their own system?
And now we get to the best part. They will implement time sinks. 5 days minimum and up to 20 days for the longest route. So you can not access or recover your stuff for up to 20 days!!! CCP must have completely lost their minds. First this jump fatigue BS where you can not use Jump Services for up to 30 days and now this. Do they really expect us to pay for a game and then have to wait 20 days to access our items and another 20 days before we can jump? What has this to do with a Sandbox?
And to make these mechanics even better CCP Nullarbor added more fuel to the fire. “eject the personal assets to safety, kick out the docked pilots”. So if you are docked in a Citadel and maybe unsubbed for some time or just offline, some guy just unanchors it and all your assets get moved to some random place and you have to pay 10% of the value to get it back. And the best part is you get kicked out of the station and are just in space. So free killmails for everyone. This basically means that you are never safe outside of high sec. And even there you are only safe in an NPC station.

I see so many issues with this that I see now way how this will work. The risk vs. reward is so off in null sec lately that I need to look really hard to find a reason not to go back to high sec. CCP could 10x the rewards for null sec and I do not find that enough to counter the risk. What is CCPs plan here?

Please take a look at all the information and then decide for yourself if you like CCPs plans or not. Whatever you think please give lots of feedback to CCP. Not that they will listen but this is the only chance we have. Some very unhappy people are already shooting the Jita memorial so I really hope CCP will get their shit together soon. I really do not want this overhaul to be CCPs NGE (NGE was an expansion by SOE that basically killed Star Wars Galaxies. One of the greatest MMOs ever created. Well before the NGE at least).

Empress Jamyl I killed in drifter attack

CCP seems to be very busy pushing the drifter story forward. In an unexpected event a couple hours earlier around 18:07 NEST, a fleet of 400 drifter battleships attacked the TES Seraph ( an Amarr navy titan ) and destroyed the Titan in a single volley. The defense fleet was unable to react and the whole drifter fleet escaped shortly after that. CCP confirmed that the Empress Jamyl I was killed in the attack. There is also a The Scope video available.

I also rushed to the system after I read about it and I can at least present some pictures of the Titan wreck.


That is an interesting turn of events. Drifter attacks in high sec against the Amarr did occur in the past weeks but that they just volley a Titan and then disappear without trace is an interesting fact. What are CCPs plans with the drifters? Something like the Sansha incursions does not make much sense now since they are so much more powerful. Are they trying to build a back story for something like EVE 2.0? A giant overall of the galaxy? The drifter superstructures are still out there and drifter forces seems to be able to appear and disappear whenever they want. Even powerful capsuleers seems to be unable to do anything against the drifters. So are they the new superpower that the whole universe needs to find? But why are they focusing on the Amarr and why is Concord not doing anything?

What will the Minmatar do now? Early reports indicate that some small scale fights in the Throne Worlds are happening. But a large scale attack?

Why is CCP doing such a massive Event (or not massive since no heads up for capsuleers) without noticing anyone so player could actually be part of it? Events like this are nice and the story behind all this is nice too but why is everyone left in the dark about it?

Many many questions remain and with every day and every drifter attack more questions appear. EVE Online is getting interesting. Not only because of FozzieSov.

My Gaming Week

Welcome to this weeks very late edition of my gaming week. My wife and I were on a little holiday trip and I did not manage to get it out on time. Sorry for that. This also means that it is a short edition and next weeks edition will also be a bit shorter then usual. But let’s jump into it.

Star Trek Online sees the usual grind and I am still at Tier IV. But Perfect World did a new Event and I am using it to farm some marks. So I am making slow progress into the latest Rep Project. When the new Season will get out I hope that I will be done with it. Perfect World did release a new version of the Crystalline Entity. So welcome to Crystalline Cataclysm.


On the World of Warships front I am also making slow progress. Still stuck at the Tier V Omaha but that’s ok. It is still early and I am trying not to burn out on the low tiers like I did in World of Tanks. So no real action but some EXP farming.


In EVE Online we are still busy with our strategic ratting and mining fleets. Between them we do some Entosis stuff. The new Aegis Sov remains utterly broken and the player base is getting restless and more and more hostile against CCP with every day that the new mechanics remain in place. The Mittani covered most of the drama so I am not gonna repeat everything. Just my 2 cents about it. I am deeply unhappy with the current system. It is not even the mechanics. It was released far to soon and utterly broken. CCP should have pushed it back a couple weeks or even month. So many people told them that the system has too many issues but CCP did not listen. Or even worse they did listen but did not care. And given that in the past 5 weeks they did nothing I can understand the players. CCPs community relations were always broken. But the latest drama should give CCP a clear idea that the people are deeply unhappy with it. Since this edition is very late I can cover parts of this week too. And with the new release that is called Galatea CCP will put even more gas on the fire. But let’s see in what state Galatea is actually released next week. Details about it in CCP Fozzie’s original post.




So that was my short week. As mentioned before next week’s edition will also be a bit shorter. Until then enjoy and take care.

My Gaming Week

Last week was all about GamesCom. So I actually saw some action. I am sorry that this weeks edition is so late but I was away for the whole weekend so I could not prep it. I hope you will still enjoy it.

Because of the GamesCom, Wargaming did run an 3x EXP Event. And I used it to boost my way a bit. I finally upgraded the Omaha to the latest version with all Upgrades. I am still far far away from the Cleveland but I am making progress. It is a good feeling to see the EXP rising.
But I didn’t make stellar progress since I actually try to play strategic and win. If that means to stay back with the Carrier and give AA cover then I do not get much EXP for it. I have seen people get 15k EXP per battle during the Event but I am happy with my 4k.

2015-08-06 22_55_46-World of Warships

2015-08-07 12_06_30-World of Warships

So it was a good week for me on World of Warships.

Another big time sink was Star Trek Online again. The grind is still on but I am making progress. They also did a Shuttle Event Weekend. They only announced “increased” rewards for it. I was very surprised to see that I get between 90 – 160 Marks per Battle. So it was great for me because I still need tons of marks. I made around 2.500 so at least the ground set is covered and some space items should also be possible. It was a fun event and I hope they will do it again. The STF are still all shit and no fun at all but the marks has to come from somewhere.


And of course there is still EVE Online. Which is still on fire and the timerboard is full of timers. Our strategic ratting and mining fleets are still happening and I try to go to as many as I can. But since we are counter Entosis during this fleets they can actually take very long. I still hope that CCP will do some balancing soon but it looks like they will take their time. So enjoy some nice juicy screenshots from the Fleets.


So as you all can see I was busy. Camping, Ratting and some Entosis babysitting between. My wallet is not moving since I am not doing ratting on my own. I hope this will change soonish because I like my war chest growing but you can only do so much. RL will not slow down in the next half year so I need to prioritize.

I hope everyone had a nice week and maybe even a nice stay at GamesCom 2015. Stay safe and enjoy your time. Until next week guys.

FozzieSov a review

FozzieSov is with us for 3 weeks now. So I guess it is safe to do a short review. Of course no one can say how the long term impact will be and hopefully CCP will do another “review” cycle on it soon. But so everyone is on the same page about this I would like to link to pieces first. First one is an article over at The Mittani. And second please head over to the official forums and check out this thread.

Since we are now all up to speed let’s dive into it. First I need to give Credit to CCP for buffing Null Sec and seeing that in the preview system there was not enough “space” for so many people in a single system. It is better now and even when I believe that the anomaly distribution could use another balance pass it is a massive step into the right direction.

The mechanics part itself is also way better. Previously it was just bring as many DPS as you can to grind the massive HP down. Also these weird timers and SBU and counter SBUing and get the IHub down and then the TCU and when a station is there it get’s even more complicated. Even the best FCs and Coalition leaders got lost in this madness sometimes. Especially the mechanics of counter SBUing your own system never made much sense to me but CCP. Now the mechanics are at least clear to everyone. You just Entosis whatever you want and in the next vulnerability window the Command Nodes spawn. The UI part is a tricky one. I am not really happy with it and especially a complaint I hear almost in every fleet is that no one knows how long we will be sitting around guarding the few people who Entosis stuff. There is a ring around the structure but no real counter with actual numbers. Also when the Command Nodes spawn you have no idea how many you got and how many you still need. There was an UI element for that but no one seems to be able to find it.
Also if you have a BIG space empire you need to have better tools about what system is attacked and what is the status of the now not linked parts of it. And let’s not get started on the exploits or let’s call it the weird part of the new mechanics. If no one comes in the vulnerability window and conquers the command notes then the system just stays vulnerable. Previewly the TCU or IHUB would regenerate slowly and basicly safe themselfs. Now the “defender” is forced to show up and grind this 10 Command Nodes down even if no one shows to actually contest it.
And easy fix would be if the defender can conquer the first 3 Command Nodes without interruption then they are done.


With one “Problem” I do not agree but I see that some people only want big fights that maybe even make the public news. I believe that FozzieSov was designed against big massive fights because CCP does not have means to support them anytime soon. TiDi does not fix anything. It is a tool to buy CCP time to fix their Servers, Code and hopefully Financials. The problem with TiDi these days is that it is even occurring when 20-30 people jump around and chasing Command Nodes. It is a massive and very annoying time sink. And that CCP still do not invest in their Infrastructure and get more Server Nodes online so the TiDi does not spawn over entire constellations isn’t helping. Brain in a Box is still heavily in development and we do not know if it will ever gets released. Making the server code multi-core and updating the Code will take years. So what is CCP supposed to do? They saw in the past when they support 500 man fights then the players just bring 1000 players. IF they get the Jita supernode in place then the players even bring 4000+ players like in 6VDT-H in 2013. They will never win this race.
The current system is not ideal but it is a step into the right direction. Let’s give CCP time for a round of balances or two.

Now let’s get to the biggest issue that I see at this point. The low skill point requirements and low fitting requirements for the Entosis part just screams for Trollceptor and other forms of simple harassment of Sov holding Alliances. It just takes one very bored uncatchable Ceptor and he can get anywhere he wants. Previously it took some serious force to attack a system. Small fleets or even single people should not be able to affect the Sov of Alliances with thousands of people. The risk of null sec is still to high. Even with the higher rewards now. The penalties on the Entosis module needs to be far higher. And it should only be fittable to larger and slower ships. Maybe CCP should create a special ship for it in the long term. But for now it is far too easy to get deep into enemy space and cherry a system with low ADM. I am not saying that the Entosis Link should only work on a Battleship that would be the other extreme.

And for closing this I have another issue with the ADM that I did not found anywhere. The ADM is only applied to a single system. Let’s stick with me for a moment and I make this more clear. The EVE Online Universe is designed so that different Systems has different values and security levels. They are also different because some are Pipe Systems with lots of traffic. Others are Dead-End Systems and “easier” to defend and utilise. The ADM does all of that not into account. I would suggest that CCP change the ADM mechanics so the ADM is collected not on a System level but on a Constellation level. This might not be fix everything but it will be a step into the right direction. CCP needs to see and accept that not every System or Region is the same. The PvE or anomaly buff was nice but it does not fix everything. Especially Pipe Systems still suffer under the current ADM mechanics.

My Gaming Week

Last week was a nice one. I was not feeling to well but at least that left me with lots of time for gaming.

In Star Trek Online I made it to Tier IV after all. So in 16 more days I will finish this latest Reputation grind. Sadly after that the Mark grind continues because with my 800 Marks I can not even get the basic set. And rumors are that the Space Set is very good so of course I need this one then.

2015-08-03 10_59_10-Star Trek Online

World of Warships continues to be an equal grind of even less fun. Well that’s not right. I hit a bad losing streak lately but since I focus on the American Carrier the Omaha it is getting fun. I like the protecting part. And when the End of the Game approaches I even managed to get a few shots at a Carrier.




But the most fun I had in a new discovery of mine. Rocket League. The learning curve is crushing like in EVE Online but when you catch a ball or even score it is very rewarding.

2015-08-03 11_33_17-Rocket League Evening Stream - YouTube

2015-08-03 11_44_26-TAGame (32-bit, DX9)

2015-08-03 11_45_39-TAGame (32-bit, DX9)

I am still playing around with the Replay Interface. It is not the most intuitive one but I will get the hang out of it soonish.

In Heroes of the Storm my stats are dropping like a rock. I had two wins in a row but then hit a wall. And after 4 losses where we were completely dunked and annihilated I did some AI games just to get out of it. I really don’t get why all of a sudden if you do PvP people completely loss their Teamplay. Especially Vala players are really bad at it. But maybe the new heroes that get’s unlocked tomorrow will bring some new wind.

And the best part at last. In EVE Online I am still very busy and from my previous and upcoming posts you can guess that the Galaxy is still on fire and I am busy putting out fire. And on quiet days I am still busy filling up my war chest. I am not sure why the online numbers are still dropping but at least I have still lots of fun with EVE Online.


CCP playing Microsoft aka we have no bugs in the game just features

In an very interesting move CCP turned an unexpected Bug into a Feature. But lets start at the beginning.
With the release of Aegis Sovereignty CCP introduced a very interesting bug. It looks like for some unknown reason they played around with standings. Sov mechanics are tight deeply into the Code of EVE Online and it looks like CCP has really no idea about the Code. But anyway since the release of Aegis Sovereignty 1.0 on July 14th you didn’t need any standings to create Jump Clones in high sec. Previously in the last couple of years there were a lot of People who made ISK with this mechanics. They offered it as a service to join their Corps with all kinds of standing in the Universe and then you could create your clone anywhere you like. It looks like that this business is now over.
CCP announced that this Bug is now a feature and it is here to stay.
So they turned a bug which they might not even know how to fix without breaking more stuff into a Feature. Well that’s a new one even for CCP. I am not sure what to make out of this. The whole standing thing was always a bugger and more annoying then it added something to the game.
CCP is doing similar things for the last few years. Some people call it dumping EVE Online down to make it more mainstream. CCP say they are just removing annoying stuff that does not add real value and deep into the game. For me this does not fit into the grand scale of things lately. On one hand they nerf power projection into the ground and for me jump clones are a part of it. And to create strategic jump clones around high sec at key points are important. In high sec you can cover far more ground because there a few key entry systems where you can cover multiple regions.
We will see if they turn this around when they fixed all the other stuff and have more time on their hand. For now I would suggest to everyone to create the JC that you need before CCP change their mind again.

Orbiting online aka strategic EVE Online Fleets

Since FozzieSov or Aegis Sovereignty went online we saw all kinds of interesting action. Timerboard is right and EVE Online is on fire. 118 active timers and 165 upcoming is impressive. 48 uncontested timers means also that some real “small scale wars” are going on. But this is not meant to be a FozzieSov review.
I was in some defense fleets myself.


Our little Fleet waiting for the action to start. Funny enough we didn’t actually do PvP to “defend” our little Space Empire. Because of the new Active Defense Multiplier it is actually import to mine and rat in your Space. With the maximum of 6x the Entosis Link timer goes up to 60 minutes. That is some serious response time. You can gather a fleet and wait for numbers before you need to chase the odd guy away.


Even a ratting fleet needs a FC. But for starter we did some mining.


That should bring the ADM up a bit. And after that we actually saw some action. Well action is a bit weird with FozzieSov. Because how it works is when the timer is up some Command Nodes will spawn. I am not sure but my guess is 3-4 in the surrounding systems. They look like this with an active Entosis Link on it.


I am a bit on edge about this part. Because even if uncontested you have to conquer 10 of this to secure a SINGLE system. Just imagine some bored bugger reinforce 3-4 Systems. I mean a hole invasion with actual fights ok. That can be fun. But some lone wolf running around grabbing the odd system that does not have a high ADM. And because not just 10 Command Nodes spawn you need to wait a long time. Even with multiply fleets it still feels a bit like Orbiting Online. Like our FC said during the fleet. EVE Online was Orbiting Online before and now it is even more horrible. Before you were orbiting a TCU or a Gate. Now you orbit a Gate or a Command Node. But after we secured the system we got back to something fun to raise some more ADMs.


After that we were on escort duty with the big guys.


One day I will have something big and nice as this “little” Nyx but in their current state it is not worth my time and for sure not my ISK. IF CCP really brings the XL Citadels and let me dock there then we can talk about it. But for now let’s get back to some nice pictures.



And that was it. I had lots of fun this evening. And I could NEVER imagine that we would see strategic mining and ratting fleets so raise the ADM. PvP players and PvE players always had a tense relationship. But with the new mechanics we PvE player are finally worth it. We can even with our PvE activity do something in the PvP part of the game. This part I really like because it builds a bridge and make it more clear that EVERYONE in a Corporation and Alliance can contribute to the big goal of holding Sov in null sec. In my Eyes this is an important step to a better future for EVE Online.