EVE is dying

This topic is my all-time favorite. For 12 years I spend so much time in this game. I throw so much money at CCP and spend a fortune on our vacation at Fanfest 2013. But lately this topic comes out a lot so I could not wait any longer.
Rixx started this a couple days ago over at EVEOGANDAAnd of course it is all the time up on the official forums too.
It’s always have been a rocky relationship with CCP. Especially in the last 2 years when a lot of veteran and beloved DEVs have left the company. Guys like Jon Lander aka CCP Unifex were real heroes and I had the great honor to meet him back at Fanfest 2013. So I do believe that CCP and EVE Online is still in some kind of transition phase. A lot of features feel unfinished. Even big changes like the industrial changes that got into the game with Crius did change a lot of stuff to the better but for veterans like me they still feel unfinished. Because without a mining overall and some key ship changes for the Orca and the Rorqual there is still so much to do. Changes to the sov mechanics are all nice and everything but can only be part of a badly needed bigger null sec overall. Next we will see massive changes to the Corp and Alliance UI and hopefully the mechanics change here as well. Then POSes will go away over time when the new Citadels get into the game. To make a long story short it will still take CCP 12 – 18 month until they reach something like a final overall. Of course EVE Online is an MMO and changes will happen all the time. I believe the issue is that so many stuff piled up over the last years that this weird situation that we are now in could happen. I personally burned out half a year ago because EVE Online completely felt broke to me. I just couldn’t keep up with all the changes and every 5 weeks they changes SO many stuff. But back to the topic.
A lot of people had hoped that with FozzieSov everything changes and people get back into the game. The big question is and remains if it really are the null sec people that are not in the game anymore. I cannot answer that but the numbers from eve-offline are clear that FozzieSov did not change anything in the short term. Online numbers are still around half what it used to be. Until late 2013 or maybe even early 2014 the only question was how much more people EVE Online and CCPs Servers can handle before die in a big ball of fire. On May the 5th 2013 we saw 65,303 people online and that is the highest number ever for EVE Online. A bit later on February the 9th we saw 57,213 people online. That’s not so bad either. But shortly after that the numbers dropped like a rock and are still getting lower every month. 6 month ago the average online numbers were 33.000. 3 month ago they dropped to 25.000 and in the last month they even got down to 20.000. The highest numbers in the last month were 33,386 on July the 12th at 19:56 EVE Time.

Is EVE Online dead because online numbers dropped like that? That’s a touch question because what we do not know is how many subscribers do EVE Online have? Online numbers are one thing. But CCP stopped releasing the more important subscriber numbers years ago. Why they did that remains unknown but you can guess with the layoffs and the close down of studios and the shutdown of World of Darkness development that they cannot have gotten higher. But back to the question. Is EVE Online dying because of that?
I do not believe and more important I do not hope so. I do believe that EVE Online is still in a phase of transition. And people are waiting what the future will bring for them. I would even go so far to say that in the bigger picture not that many people stopped playing EVE Online. They might just cut down their accounts. Which is by the way completely CCPs fault. They changed after 12 years their stand on multiboxing and basically banned it from EVE Online. I know they banned input automatization and not multiboxing but that is the same different. A human being cannot control 5+ accounts. I can take me as an example. During my time I had several phases where I was playing EVE Online really hardcore with 10+ accounts. And I know of people who had 30+ Accounts. And now all of them are down to 2-5 accounts. So that are a lot of online numbers that are missing and a lot of subscribers. Well subscribed accounts. Because the people behind all of the accounts are still here.
I really hope that EVE Online will recover and after this phase of transition will be back even stronger. Until then I will try to keep up with all the changes that CCP does to my beloved game. I might evacuate my important stuff to safe high sec when CCP goes all ballistic and do stupid stuff like make stations destructible but I cannot see me stop playing yet.
And if this wall of text still not answer this question. Just check the timerboard for all the nice explosions that will keep us busy until CCP gets their vision of the Game out.


4 thoughts on “EVE is dying

  1. In 2008 I found eve and fell in love. Got 2 irl friends to join me and we joined a “training corp” advertising free isk after a week or so. We formed friendly bonds with our fellow rookies exploring this wonderfully deep universe. A fellow named Benny Broadband and his few cohorts saw our little group as prey, and we were. 2 wars and an unrelated infiltration later our “leader” abandoned us. He was evidently the type to tell tall tales to the kids, but when it came time to put up or shut up was all crickets. Having seen this coming, my friends and I had already set up a corp which the group of us moved over to.

    Ol’ Benny was undeterred however. Understandable as I look back, finding a group of rookies to harass that actually wanted to fight back is more uncommon then I realized at the time. The 3rd Benny war came and we still floundered, but experimenting with different strategies and absorbing like a sponge we learned through our grief. The 4th Benny War came, we sallied forth and fought valiantly. We won! We outnumbered them 3 to 1 with ecm support, but this didn’t matter. That evil terrorist had finally been defeated.

    The truth is I’m very thankful for Benny, his small corp and alliance (of what we suspected to be alts,) and his targeting of us. Though at the time I did not appreciate the chip placed on our shoulders by him, I would never have grown into the pilot I became without it. For without an antagonist, there can be no protagonist.

    I unsubscribed in late 2014. Taken by the outlaw life, it had become undeniable that CCP did not have my playstyle in any way at heart. The last patch to directly buff the outlaw lifestyle was crimewatch overhaul in 2012. After the dojo, the steady power escalation of concord, steady buffs to highsec income, simultaneous decline of usable hostile mechanics, and steady poor design descisions; the no drawback anti-awox checkbox was my last straw (although it in no way affected me as a -10 steadily ransoming lowsec pirate.) I could no longer justify myself in supporting CCP with my subscription, and as a result my friends have left, their siblings have left, and non of us place chips on anyone’s shoulders any longer.

    TLDR: CCP has been steadily driving the villains away, and that is why eve is “bleeding.” My name is Mr Barbeque, and this is my history in a nutshell.


    • I agree. CCP (Fozzie) has taken a funddamentally flawed approach to “balancing” Eve. The philosophy of removing to “balance” leaves players of all playstyles and security levels feeling like something has been taken from them. The value of their digital spaceships has been diminished. The value of ther subscriptions, however many their are, comes into question. Every player, every month has to make the decision as to whether their subscription payment is worth the enjoyment they are getting from playing Eve.

      When CCP balances the game by largely nerfing, not always, but more often than buffing, capabilities or adding what appear to be obstacles or reduced capability to the game, they are driving players to a place where their subscription just isn’t worth it any longer.

      I agree the game should be in balance. But I have always said the way to balance in a game you are paying irl dollars to play every month is not to take away, but add to players capabilities much more often than you take away. This would promote the feeling that we are getting something more valuable, more exciting, more innovative, rather than the feeling we are losing capability and value in our beloved internet spaceships.

      Fundamentally, if CCP hopes to save Eve, they need to change Fozzie’s philosophy towards “Balancing” the game. After all Eve is all about futuristic capabilities…. anything should be possible!


  2. While not a hardcore player I have played EVE on and off for years. The answer to its decline is simple really, EVE is only good for those who want PVP. If your not into running about lowsec space killing other players this game runs out of steam very fast. The missions are very repetitive and the game feels very sterile after a while.


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