Aegis Sovereignty is live

Welcome to the new world. Today marks the day when the new FozzieSov went live. No major delays and big screw-ups for now.

The official issue thread can be found here. The official known issues look a bit weird. It looks like there a lot of minor issues that can be fixed quickly but you can get the impression that this was pushed out without any polishing or Q&A at all. Makes me wonder in what state was it a week ago on the planned release day.
Points like “minor typos in the new Sovereignty notifications” are not a big deal but if NO one had time to even fix the text I am very puzzled about CCPs Q&A and general deployment strategies. Fixing typos in the text does not need a game designer and of course the UI parts are not made from the same DEVs then the actual planning and designing and programming of the new mechanics. So really no one that can check and fix some typos at CCP?

“Territorial Claim Units and Infrastructure Hubs can sometimes overlap with personal deployables and ships” I should have made a bet about that. As CCP announced that they will randomly move TCUs and IHUBs around it was clear to everyone besides CCP that this will end in a nightmare. Hopefully it will fix itself in time and will not result in more issues. Broken Grids anyone?

It looks like that there a lot of bugs with the new map now that actually never worked. People report that they are stuck in Wormholes because of that. Workaround for now is using the old map. Whelp Wormhole people I guess.

But to be fair everything that come up by now is just minor stuff that can be fixed in the following days. The SOV transition and everything seems to be ok. The Activity Defense Multipier seems to be working. We can argue about if the maximum of 6x is enough to prevent trolling but CCP can change this easily.

I am not sure if the PvE changes work like they should. When I look at the system I normally rat it now looks like this.

  • 5x Forsaken Rallye Points (+3)
  • 4x Forsaken Hubs (same as before)
  • 7x Haven (+5)
  • 1x Sanctum (not sure about this one because it randomly spawned before)

I have no records for the other lower anomalies so let’s stick with the 3 most used ones. +3 for the lowest Rallye Points is ok. No change for the most used Forsaken Hub is dumb and can’t be right. On the other hand maybe CCP fears that the impact of ISK getting into the economy is to high. But +5 for the highest anomaly the Haven does not make any sense at all.
To be fair for me personally it’s ok because I like Havens. But I have 3x 150 Mil+ SP characters that have perfect skills for everything. I can run them all day. And I like the Maze that I get out of it and sell them. So it remains to be seen if this is working as designed and if CCP will change it in the coming weeks. At least for now we have a not more ratting space available.

Let’s see how the next hours go and how everything is unfolding in the next days and weeks. No matter what happens BIG change is here and we will see if it’s for the good or not.