Aegis Sovereignty Patch notes released

CCP released the Patch notes for the July 14th patch called Aegis Sovereignty. No more delays, we are ready for Tuesday.

After the PvE changes this will be good. Or it might work. I will give you the general overview about the changes because it’s not only about Sov but for details please check the official Patch notes.

  • Sov related Modules will get invulnerable to normal damage and can only be impacted by the new Entosis Link Module
  • Sov related Modules are NOT vulnerable 24/7. Alliances can set a 4 hour window per day were they are vulnerable
  • Pirate Detection Array, Entrapment Array and Quantum Flux Generator upgrades have been adjusted
  • SBUs are basically removed from the Game. NPC buy orders are setup and SBUs inspace will self-destruct
  • New T2 Cruiser and T2 Industrial SKINs

I am so much looking forward to it. No matter if it’s better or worse we will get it and have to deal with it. And CCP can tweak it to make it work later. Dominion Sov you could tweak the HP or the TCU or something but the mechanics were still there. With this new mechanics I believe that CCP can change single expects of the whole to make it better. Maybe the spawn rate or spawn distribution of the new command notes. One thing is sure. Change will come and EVE Online will get interesting again. I am looking forward to the new online numbers starting Tuesday.

Until then everyone have a nice Sunday.

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