Patch notes for Aegis are out

CCP released the Patch notes for their latest expansion called Aegis. This release is extremely important because even not next Tuesday but a week later (CCP might call it Aegis 1.1 but we will see) they will release the overall of null sec capture mechanics. This marks a huge turn point because in the last 12 years this only happened once before. As EVE Online was released the only way to claim sov in null sec was to spam towers on as many moons as you could find. With an expansion called Dominion (released on 01.12.2009) they changed that and they released TCUs (Territorial Claim Unit) and SBUs (Sovereignty Blockade Unit). Now with Aegis they will change the mechanics again to use a module fitted to ships called Entosis link.


But enough with the history lessons and back to the future. Highlights of the Aegis release are

  • Changes to the Ishtar and Tempest
  • Release of the new T3 Gallente Destroyer called Hecate
  • Several new Skins
  • Caldari Cerberus Hull Redesign

For all changes please take a look at the official patch notes.

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