CCP isn’t dead after all

After a week of complete darkness and close to NO response CCP finally got their act together. Interesting is that no more words from CCP Surge can be found. Hopefully someone at CCP stepped in and took care of the damage control. The biggest issue is not even that CCP released a half done feature that has a lot of bugs and even more issues. Sadly that happens all the time with CCP. How you handle it in the after it happens is more important. And CCP Surge did an exceptional poor job at handling it.
But help is here and CCP Claymore stepped in. Looks like that a dev blog is in the works and the CSM is kinda involved too. So hopefully we will at least get some information soonish. I doubt there will be a quick fix for all the issues but we will see.

Given that CCP released information about the next nightmare feature or better cut off feature interesting times are coming. FozzieSov is not so far away and CCP are releasing nerf after nerf and half-done feature after another. I hope that someone at CCP overlooks all of this and realizing that the path is maybe not perfect. And no EVE is not dying and hopefully after the summer and when the dust around FozzieSov settles everyone will be back and we are at a much better place.

So as a heads up CCP will nerf fleet warps to the ground. I don’t know what is going on at CCP but at times like this I really deserve my title as a bitter vet. When CCP started with their 5 weeks release cycle I burned out and took a break. I get the feeling that we get back to a point where some more riots are in order to remind CCP what happened in the past and why. Please take your time and give feedback to CCP. It’s already again another 75 pages threadnought with 1.481 responses. Additionally some media picks this up. The Mittani or better KColor released an awesome article including a lot of flaws and issues with CCPs plan. Given the amount of issues it would be interesting how any why CCP continue to come up with these half ideas and what in the world are they thinking to release them. Is CCP really so disconnected to the player base? Is there anyone at CCP who plays their own game and have even some idea about how the game works? I am not sure after the last 2 weeks.

One thought on “CCP isn’t dead after all

  1. I get the feeling that we get back to a point where some more riots are in order to remind CCP what happened in the past and why.

    I read this at first as:

    We r back to having a PINT before rioting to remind CCP what happened in the past and why…

    I can see the headlines now…



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