Carnyx released

Almost a week ago CCP released their latest expansion called Carnyx. As promised it wasn’t the smoothest of all expansion. There has been already 3 patches because CCP introduced a couple of interesting bugs. They even managed to break TiDi but happily for the rest of EVE only in the newly introduced Wormhole systems. How CCP managed to break killmails remains a mystery but well CCP at its A game again. But what really caused the feedback thread to evolve into a 68 pages nightmare was the icon change.

Besides the usual don’t change something that is not broken there a lot of issues with the new icons that are really valid points in my eyes. I already complained about the fact that no information earlier was released. CCP just released a completely broken Icon pack and a big part of the community and CCPs paying costumers just have to deal to this madness. The dev blog released in February has completely other Icons then CCP released them. This is just extremely poor communication which always was and will be CCPs biggest issue. It also looks like that there is a bug with the UI scaling and CCP was aware of that and released the Icons anyway. The (non-existing) reasoning behind this is that the bug seems to be not directly with the icons but with the scaling. Anyway the old icons where fine and only the very small new ones caused the bug to appear. Given CCPs history of releasing half-done features and then never touch it again I don’t expect them to fix this anytime soon. Another point is that at high resolutions the icons are much much smaller than the old ones and are really hard to read. Color blind people are complaining that the new icons are harder to read and when CCP redo the icons why you cannot customize the color to be more readable or to be readable at all. I would even ask why we cannot change the size of the icons. But it’s just CCP releasing half-done features and their customers have to deal with it.

What brings this to a whole new level is how CCP handles this. Several devs are in full damage mode and at first starts to attack customers and stating basically that we are just to dumb and that our silly brain need more time. Examples are here and here. As you can see CCP Surge is doing an exceptional poor job in helping. What just hits the roof is that the link he provides to learn the new icons is broken. I tried to contact CCP ever several ways in the past week but no response at all and the link remain broken. I was unable to find a link or any kind of information what icons are in the game and what is showing what. There hints that CCP released 12 different container icons but I was unable to reproduce this.

Some fellow bloggers are also pick up the issues and are trying to help. Over at EVOGANDA you can find a PDF and some additional information that hopefully help some of you. A higher resolution PDF has been created by Rixx Javix so many thanks to him for helping out.

I really hope that CCP does not let this in the game longer and that fixes are on the way. Given CCP is in full damage control mode and does not respond at all I have little hope.


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