Fozziesov delayed

Today CCP released a new dev blog. CCP Fozzie released some updates to the deployment schedule. The minor news are that the new sovereignty capture mechanics will be pushed back by a week. This is just a minor delay and i am not sure what is behind this.
The other major news is that the custom schedule for the capture window will be pushed back indefinitely. On first glance this might sounds like a minor change but the question is now how will this work now? Todays mechanics are that drop some SBUs and when they are online you can attack the IHUB or TCU whatever is there. I am of course aware that this is a very simple description of a very complicated mechanic. The major question is now how will the entosis capture mechanics work when there is no window that you can set where intruders can attack your sov? Does that mean that they can always just come around and attack your sov? Will there be a random timer?


I think this is a major change and it plays a major role on how the new sov capture mechanics work. You can not push one part of the mechanic back without impacting the other parts. I think this is just another example of what is wrong within CCP. They just can not let there history of releasing have done futures go. The new industrial mechanics are another example. They just droped the industrial parts on us but the mining changes and promised changes to the Orca and Rorqual are still not out.  For me this is a major reason why null sec industry remain broken. But i am getting a bit of topic here.

We will have to see what happens next since today the basic mechanics go online at TQ and people can play around with it. We will see what other problems come up when it is actually used in hundreds of systems and hundreds of stations. Hopefully CCP keeps and eye on this and when more issues apprear will push back the hole sov mechanic change to a later date. As i said earlier this is an amazing opportunity to give EVE some big push. But when they get this wrong then it can break EVE too.
I for one will keep an close eye on what will happen.

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