Fleet warp changes

On the latest o7 show from CCP they announced a big and very drastic change to fleet warps. Basicly their plan was to remove fleet warps completely. There is a bit more to it and it is covered in this article at TMC and on another great piece from KColor at TMC also. After yet another threadnought and a lot of feedback warning CCP that this is going to far and actually does not even make sense they released a dev blog announcing first a push back of the original plans to the august release. More important and properly the reason for the pushback are the changes to the mechanics. Originally they planned to completely remove the ability to fleet warp to something that not every member of the fleet could. That includes bookmarks, mission locations and probes.


To offset this and so they basicly does not completely remove fleet warps from the game they will add the ability to broadcast this locations. You might wonder why this was not possible before to just broadcast a bookmark to the fleet. Well CCP is all i can say about that. So with this changes it will not be that bad. Some issues remain and are covered by KColor in his article. It’s just as often that i can only say i get the feeling that CCP does not play there own game. They push out so many changes with their new 5 weeks release cycle and they all interact with each other. Some play nicely together and some just don’t add up.

Maybe in a year or two EVE is in a better place but for now it remains in a weird half broken half working state. It will be interesting to see how this change plays out under TiDi. I was never a friend of TiDi because it’s a simple workaround for issues that are still there. It’s poor designed and even more poor implemented. Big fleet fights under heavy TiDi are already very frustrating and time consuming and with this changes everything will take even longer.

Batman: Arkham Knight PC recall

This should mainly be a EVE Online blog but i really need to cover this. And since it’s also my blog i need to cover this.

2 days ago on June 23th the new Batman game was released. I watched a couple streamers play it and it looked really awesome. Sadly the PC Version of it was not developed by Rocksteady Games. They thought it would be a great idea to let the PC Version developed by a totally inexperienced studio that made bad press with Batman: Origins. I don’t see a point in covering all the issues. But after some official statements that were pretty bad written by Warner Bros. Games the community completely went up in arms. After the media got wind on this and covered all the issues things quickly went sideways for Warner Bros.. In a unexpected turn of events Warner Bros. Games today published a full complete recall of the PC Version of Batman: Arkham Knight.

2015-06-25 13_03_48-BATMAN_ ARKHAM KNIGHT

Buyers are asked to request a refund over steam or GMG or wherever you got it. I can not recall an event like this. I have seen a lot of the issues first hand when the streamers tried to get it to work. I also read the review and buyers warning and tech analysis.

To me it looks like that in general Batman: Arkham Knight is a very solid and good game. The Console Versions are good and do even have more features then the PC Version. For some unclear and unbelievable reason the PS4 Version even have Ambient Occlusion and Rain Effects on Batmans body. That features are missing on the PC. The Game also suffers from the driving mechanics which look bad and are even more bad to actually use. Besides that from a pure Gameplay perspective the Game looks to be very good. But with all these technical issues and an actual recall which does not happen every day we will see how things evolve in the next weeks and month. Until then I can only give Warner Bros. Games credit for actually reacting to reviews and issues. You can read between the lines how MASSIVE these issues really must be before a recall like this happens. You can and in my eyes have to criticize them for giving the PC Version to such an inexperience studio with a bad track record. Just going with the cheapest solution is not always a good idea.

Thrasher redesign

CCP released a new dev blog and announced a redesign of a lot of ships. Most of them look great but the poor Thrasher. But please take a couple minutes and take a look yourself. You can find the dev blog here.

Back? Ok so let’s talk. Before i get into this I also link some blog posts from far more seasoned Bloggers and some of them are also pretty great artists. Please take a look at Sand, Cider and Spaceships and at Eveoganda.

And now I present you the new Thrasher


I have to agree with all the other Bloggers and most of the other people that posted on yet another 10 pages threadnought. It looks completely horrible. I don’t know what CCP thinks these days. Normally the racial ships all follow kind of the same base lines. When you look at a Gallente Ship you can see and recognise at a glance that it’s Gallente. Minmatar ships are all brown and rusty and have these fenders or other parts that stick out.

But this redesign looks like several Caldari ships had crashed inside each other. It totally looks nothing like a Minmatar ship. The other ships that gets a redesign are just minor changes and you can still see the “old” ship inside of it. But this one. I really don’t know. Do CCP Surge has his fingers in this? It feels so wrong. Whatever you guys think PLEASE head over to the feedback thread and give CCP some feedback. Maybe we can save the Thrasher. If you like the design thats ok too just give CCP feedback. Looks like they need it these days.


Latest Scope videos from CCP

Today I noticed that CCP released two new videos from their The Scope series giving everything that is happening in EVE Online a bit more background story.

The first video is about the new Entosis link and what you can do with it. Have fun with it and take out some station services when you go online later.

The second video is about the new Gallente destroyer called Hecate. A lot of people have been waiting for this beast of a ship. Sadly CCP did not make this a drone boat but it looks awesome. It’s overall style does not completly matches the Gallente ships in general but it’s a beauty non the less.

I hope you enjoyed them. Take care and fly safe.

Burn Amarr 2015

So that was Burn Amarr 2015. What an amazing weekend. Despite some trolls claiming victory and the total failure it was an amazing event and a success. But before I go deeper into this I need to troll a bit too. Look at this pictures.

This Orca totally not died. Those wrecks look really beautiful thanks to CCP for adding them. Let’s move on to this little hunter shot. Not my best work but well still learning.

And guess what we found some prey.



And to End this here is a pretty nice shoot of the last gank for this Event. Sorry some of the shoots are a bit dark. They looked better ingame then they are.



For even more pictures please check my flickr Account. I have uploaded everything there.

But now let’s move on to some statistics. Before i throw some random numbers at you i will try to provide at least some content. In general I don’t like and enjoy ganking and lots of the meta surrounding it. But the event has been announced for weeks and it’s just ONE weekend a year. So it is really easy to avoid. Organisations like CODE are something else.

The previous Events has seen more ISK damage. But is Burn Amarr a failure because of that? I say no because of a couple of points.

  • Amarr is a lot smaller then Jita. Traffic is lower and the targets does not have the same value.
  • EVE Online numbers are a lot smaller then previous years. I will dive into this in more detail in a future post but sadly the online numbers are at an all time low point.
  • The horrible expansion called Carnyx was released earlier in July and a lot of people are just stay offline until the worst of the overview bugs get fixed

I am well aware that some trolls will claim that Amarr is not smaller blablabla. Just look at this completely random kills. 13.2 Bill kill in Uedama and another 12.5 Bill in Kubinen. You will not find targets with more then 10 Bill of value around Amarr. We killed some Jump Freighter during Burn Amarr but not with lots of high value cargo.

I call it a success because we had multiple fleets killing stuff around the clock. We had lots of newbies with us. Yes they make mistakes. They do not approach and they start shooting to early. They are newbies and they will learn. It’s not a bad thing.
If we look at Dotlan it looks good. The top 4 systems are all where we were active in.

2015-06-22 14_51_34-Recent Statistics - DOTLAN __ EveMaps


Of course not all of them are freighters. Our catalysts that get killed by Concord are also included. We did not cherry pick. We killed everything that we could get our hands on. ZKillboard does list 7 pages of freighter kills during the weekend. Please note that this are not all Burn Amarr related but you get the idea about how many got killed. Preliminary numbers put us to over 100 dead freighters but we will have to wait until final numbers get released. To finish this post I give you a short preview of my zkillboard highlights for this event.

2015-06-22 15_00_59-zKillboard



Burn Amarr is live

Just a short one because the trolling of Greedy Goblin really annoys me. He keeps posting Goons are bad and killing EVE and they are so bad they cannot even do Burn Amarr blablabla. I have to get him some credit because he seems to be good with numbers but Lord is he a shitposter.
So no EVE is not dying and Goons are not bankrupt even Mister Goblin claims that MoA is doing such an amazing job at killing Goons. As always with propaganda the truth is somewhere in the middle. And even he claims no high value ships died I present you the following killmails.

Burn Amarr is ON 2015

6.8 Billion Anshar
6.4 Billion Ark
5.6 Billion Orca
3.1 Billion Charon
2.6 Billion Charon

So stuff is dying and Goons are killing at least some stuff. If it will be such a success as in the past year with over 500 Billion in damage over the weekend remains to be seen. The weekend starts and more people get online. But Amarr is a lot smaller then Jita and the traffic is lower. So it will be interesting where the damage will be at the end of the event on Monday.

Have a save weekend everyone and if you need stuff you might want to look for another trade hub.

Iconocalypse 2015

Well that took CCP long enough. But finally we get a dev blog. So at least CCP is kind of aware that this is an issue. The original feedback thread is now at 93 pages and 1.855 replies. But I have to give CCP credit for splitting the feedback over multiple threads now. So they can claim that it’s not all so bad. The feedback thread for the new dev blog has only 176 replies.

I feel like this dev blog is the worst that could have happened. I don’t know who at CCP had the idea to let CCP Surge do the dev blog. The guy that is responsible for most of the initially head because he keeps insulting the community. But well we now have a dev blog. It does not have any news and I cannot find a solid plan to resolve this situation. No mention of the color customization or the size that is still far too small. Interesting enough the Icons in the dev blog are still different from the ones in game. CCP released them in white on a blue background. That makes them a lot better readable then it is actual in game. Since the CSM is completely quiet I have little hope that CCP sees the issues here and will resolve them anytime soon.


And since the Dev in question just add more insults we are on a new low point of communications with CCP. Who is happy with something like this?

“We are aware that a sudden and drastic update to some small but very important space symbols may have inherently vaporized several trillions of ISK from the economy. As pilots undocked expecting their familiar foes to be square brackets and crosses they unexpectedly came under attack by chevrons, diamonds, and house-shaped adversaries armed to the teeth. Some were so spooked and disoriented they began to fire on any geometric symbols in their vicinity. Others believed they were being attacked by their own warp bubbles and returned fire… Those that managed to adapt quickly in the early days of the great Iconocalypse of 2015 certainly profited handsomely from the confusion it sowed.

But in New Eden space is merciless, and change is ever-present.”

Very wise words from my new favorite Dev. Since I have nothing to say that will not result in a ban I will just keep my mouth shut. Everyone can make up their mind about such a person for themselves. I hope that we can keep the pressure up to CCP and that this gets resolved someday. I doubt that the lost trust can be rebuild and the online numbers already took another 10% dive. But maybe that’s just the summer or something like this. EVE sure is not dying but it remains in bad shape. That’s a topic for another post and another day.

Please keep the input to CCP coming and tell them how unhappy you are with all of this.

Until then have a nice weekend.

CCP isn’t dead after all

After a week of complete darkness and close to NO response CCP finally got their act together. Interesting is that no more words from CCP Surge can be found. Hopefully someone at CCP stepped in and took care of the damage control. The biggest issue is not even that CCP released a half done feature that has a lot of bugs and even more issues. Sadly that happens all the time with CCP. How you handle it in the after it happens is more important. And CCP Surge did an exceptional poor job at handling it.
But help is here and CCP Claymore stepped in. Looks like that a dev blog is in the works and the CSM is kinda involved too. So hopefully we will at least get some information soonish. I doubt there will be a quick fix for all the issues but we will see.

Given that CCP released information about the next nightmare feature or better cut off feature interesting times are coming. FozzieSov is not so far away and CCP are releasing nerf after nerf and half-done feature after another. I hope that someone at CCP overlooks all of this and realizing that the path is maybe not perfect. And no EVE is not dying and hopefully after the summer and when the dust around FozzieSov settles everyone will be back and we are at a much better place.

So as a heads up CCP will nerf fleet warps to the ground. I don’t know what is going on at CCP but at times like this I really deserve my title as a bitter vet. When CCP started with their 5 weeks release cycle I burned out and took a break. I get the feeling that we get back to a point where some more riots are in order to remind CCP what happened in the past and why. Please take your time and give feedback to CCP. It’s already again another 75 pages threadnought with 1.481 responses. Additionally some media picks this up. The Mittani or better KColor released an awesome article including a lot of flaws and issues with CCPs plan. Given the amount of issues it would be interesting how any why CCP continue to come up with these half ideas and what in the world are they thinking to release them. Is CCP really so disconnected to the player base? Is there anyone at CCP who plays their own game and have even some idea about how the game works? I am not sure after the last 2 weeks.

A Call to Art: Contest dev blog

I love it when someone completely screw my plans but at least I have a lot to blog about. But back to the new dev blog from CCP. Since I am not a designer or anything like that, I was completely unaware of this contest but ok. I will not repeat all the stuff from the dev blog that you can find here but I will take the chance to praise the amazing work of one Rixx Javix again. Low Sec is not really my style but I have to give him lots of praises for his amazing art work. So without any more delay I present you “The Patrol” by Rixx Javix.


Please also check the dev blog for the other submissions and winner in their category.