Changes to null sec and capture mechanics

CCP released there latest Scope video which gives the null sec changes some background story. It looks like the Amarr Empire got a new supershield which makes stations invulnerable. Because of this the new Entosis module is created to capture stations and in the end gaining sov in null sec. You can find the dev blog explaning everything in detail here.

But for now enjoy the latest video from The Scope.

The Scope videos

A couple of month ago CCP started to create some videos to give EVE Online some more backstory. Or to publish the existing backstory to a bigger autience. In this blog post i will include everyone of them since they are really great and everyone should take a couple of minutes to watch them. Even when you are not intrested in null sec or whatever they are about.

But now let’s start with the first one about Carolin’s Star

I hope you enjoyed them and thanks to CCP for creating them. No matter if you are intrested in the big story behind EVE Online it is always nice to see that CCP is trying to give the big sandbox that is EVE Online some more depth.


Welcome to tales of a bittervet.

I am Taru Audeles and this is my new home. I play EVE Online since 2003 so i am one of the famous (or not so famous) bitter vets. And these are my stories.

2013-04-30 06.54.30

I was there and it was a great honor. But i leave that for some later posts.

For now i leave you with another shoot of the great Jita Memorial. May CCP never forget why this happened.



For now have a nice weekend and cya soon.